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You are not alone

Apr 19th, 2010 3:48:07 am - Subscribe

Before the coming of 2012,the drought of china is coming,in the southwest of china,millions of people suffer frome drought,and it is said that this situation has not happened for nearly 60 years.and fortunately,the goverment has taken many measures to protect the suffering people ,as you can see,the water is the problem.so to
dig up wells is necesary.so soldiers are coming,they go to the place where motherland needs help.they divote their
lifes just for the contry.and at this time,i can see the people from community about mbt shoes ,not hesitate to give their hands to the southwestern people.

   I pray to god,i thank all the caring people,it is you let our world filled with love.

   The people of the southwest,you are not alone.
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Apr 18th, 2010 7:46:56 pm - Subscribe

The snake is a long and thin animal that lives in grass or other dark places. A snake has no legs or feet, but it can move very fast on its stomach. Snakes usually have green, yellow or black skins, which make them difficult for their enemies to find them. Some kinds of snakes live in water. They can swim as freely as fish.
  Snakes are cold-blooded animals. In winter they hibernatein holes which are narrow enough only to hold the snakes' bodies. The snakes can sleep through a whole winter without eating and moving. They can not feel any pain. The hibernation period lasts about five months. When spring comes, the snakes come out and begin their normal life.
  Snakes can take many things as food, such as mice, sparrows, frogs,birds' eggs, pests and so on. People sometimes can see a snake eat a sparrow. First it moves close to the sparrow, then it puts out its tongue and brings the sparrow into its mouth and swallows it, which makes a lump in the snake's body. After some time the lump disappears.
  As snakes are dreadful-looking, people are afraid of them. Many people drive them away whenever they see snakes. But in Chinese fairy tales, snakes are by no means bad. They seem to have human feelings. They can change into pretty girls. People like mbt shoes and respect them. The most well-known is the story about the White Snake and the Blue Snake.
  In fact, snakes are not as dreadful as they look. They can help us to kill mice and pests. They can provide us with delicious meat. Their blood is a good drink. Poisonous snakes are especially useful. We can make valuable drugs with them.
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Learn from Steven Spielberg

Apr 17th, 2010 2:28:02 am - Subscribe

After reading the text “Getting to Know Steven Spielberg”, I know that Steven Spielberg is a world-famous and productive director, producer and writer.

   What has impressed me most is Steven Spielberg’s spirit of hard work. Spielberg had his own dream of going to the Film Academy when he was young love mbt shoes . Before reading the text, I had almost nothing to do at school all the day. I disliked studying because I found studying difficult, so I made little progress. Now I have made up my mind to learn from Steven Spielberg, especially his spirit of hard work. It will certainly encourage me to work harder so that I can become a good student in the near future. It was Steven Spielberg who let me know that working hard and believing in yourself will make your dreams come true. I’ll try my best to make it. There is a saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”
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The colors of seasons

Apr 16th, 2010 7:33:24 pm - Subscribe

If seasons have colors, what are the four seasons like?

   If seasons have colors, spring is green. When spring comes, willow trees begin to bud. It is really a

green world, and it is also the color of hope.

   What about summer? When I look at flowers of almost all kinds in blossom, I understand that the color of

summer is red.

   Compared with summer, autumn is another kind of color. The rice in the fields and fruits on the branches

are the signals of autumn. It is the color filled with ripeness. Gold is the symbol of harvest.

   Winter is the world of snow. The whole land is covered with snow. White is the color of winter.

   Seasons have colors and the changing of the four seasons makes the land colorful and energetic.

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Health or Wealth

Apr 16th, 2010 1:33:38 am - Subscribe

Which is more important, health or wealth? When given this question, different people have varied answers.

Some insist that health plays a more important role in our life, while others see more advantages arising from

The first group of people quote the old saying “Health is above wealth” to prove their idea. They argue

that, on the one hand, a strong person can do almost anything as long as he/she tries hard. On the other hand,

however, rich people will not be able to enjoy the wealth if their days are numbered. From Joozone.com.
In contrast, the advocates of wealth have such arguments as follows. For one thing, wealthy people will be able to

buy more healthful foods. For another, they can enjoy better facilities to improve their health. (Take my

neighbor, Lao Wang, as an example. He had a heart attack and is in hospital. However, he cannot afford the

expensive operation, which costs as much as 100,000 yuan. Therefore, he has to lie in bed hopelessly. If he were a

rich man, his life could be saved.)
As far as I am concerned, both health and wealth are important to our life. We should try to strike a balance

between them and gain wealth with a healthy body.
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