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xlostgirlx lack of sleep right now - Subscribe
well i just joined this blog, cause i cant sleep....oh yeah and i like blogs. they are fun. well this is going to be an un interesting blog but my others i trust you might be interesting. if you wanted to know. well yeah, im going now, maybe even trie to sleep again.
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xlostgirlx no room for this? Jul 29th, 2005 5:09:49 am - Subscribe
well yes! im back again....sad to say no sleep yet. but i thought i would update this again. well im up and i cant sleep, thats a given. but i start school in a matter of 5 days. and yet im stressing already about the hell hole i have to return to. i am a senior in high school, and i am recently engaged. school yes, what an interesting topic....not really just cant wait to leave that school and my home town when i graduate. of corse i will miss my family and friends....and maybe the saftey of my small home town. moving to minnesota after school and going to be studying to become a graphic designer. o0o yes one more thing, im going there to live with my fiance and get married. awwwe, aint that cute? well i think so. but yes, its late as usual and i need to do something to put me to sleep. well i might update this more often, or at least try to. i have alot of blogs and journals that i need to update as well. so i might see you soon. bye.

p.s. i was going to try the smilies, but last post, i had trouble with them....awww how sad sad.gif
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xlostgirlx im having trouble Jul 29th, 2005 5:46:56 am - Subscribe having trouble with the BB codeing....either i dont get how it works or it doesnt like me. not sure which one yet. can someone help me with the BB codeing? if you can that would be wounderful. thanks grin.gif
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xlostgirlx wow! dont i just feel like a loser Jul 30th, 2005 2:59:38 am - Subscribe
well, yes what can i say, the title says everything!

i just got done watching Constantine, and OMG!!!! that movie kicks major bumbage! i cant believe the graphics and the camera angles. just everything about that movie was remarkable.

i wish i had gone and seen it in the cinema...but i didnt, you know money issue. but WOW!!! i cant believe i didnt at least try to scroung up some money from fam or friends.

for all the people that saw it....yea im making a big deal about it, but im serious. im a big movie buff...i havent seen a movie in a while (besides the LOTR series) that has caught my interest as much as it has.

im a strange one yes, but i can totaly say that Constantine is one movie that i will deffinately add to my collection...of rather small movies that i do own at the moment.

but i shall say outie. talking to my drunk friend, well my drunk ex....trying to see what is deep down inside his a noisy person. but i like it....not really. well no im gone. ill write in here later, if im up. not sure yet. bye now

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xlostgirlx lonely and bored Jul 30th, 2005 4:56:14 am - Subscribe
cry.gif AH!!!! how i miss my fiance. :wishes she was in his arms right now: i hate being so far away from him...its not even funny.

dam you distance!!! well soon enough i will be in minnesota with him, starting a new life and getting married to him. awwwe yay!!! thats all i can really think of. is our wedding, or handfastening. well we are going to have 2 weddings as you say. one for us and the other for our famdamly.

wow, the hand fastening is going to be next year in september. OMG!!! i so cant wait, i have my dress picked out and everything. we are going to go for a like celtic midevial theme....makes sense to me lol. well yes, i cant wait. i LOVE this man....^_^

well im going to go. i need sleep, especially when i have to get up early just to get my hair cut....angry.gif well i havent cut it in a year but im only getting a trim....yay! so my hair will grow faster, so i will be closer to my hair being to the middle of my back....SW33T!

well bye again
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