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Ahh..todays not really an exciting day. On tuesday my bf and 2 friends had come over to exchange gifts. My bf got me a pwetty necklace!! aww how nice of him. And i got a microphone thing,which is neato,and a big pack of gum and an ipod case which is also neato! I got a bit further in Fatal Frame 3 with the help of my friend. Though..we died because..two milkmen looking ghosts killed us. Yeah..that games pretty scary,one of those suspense/thriller kinda things where your walking and like..u expect something to just pop-up! If you havent played it and like survival horror games such as Silent Hill,Siren,or Resident Evil,you should try Fatal Frame! its fun!!
Theres something thats been bothering me. I just have this feeling that my bf's parents dont like me very much. It gives me this uneasy feeling when i go over to his house or when i see his parents. I can just sometimes see it that theyre like sick of me. Okay time for big,long boring story. I had met my bf in...7th grade and wasnt expecting to ever like him or EVER and i mean EVER go out with him. Then i kinda started liking him more towards the end of 8th grade. Then..over the summer,i think right after i had gotten hit by a car (small scenario:: i was crossing the street with my friends and got hit by a car and thankfully didnt break any bones!! but my knee bone had a bruise on it which was there for a while so i was disabled from bending my knee for a loong time) he has asked me out but i remember before that he had told me he liked me and it shocked the hell outta me since i had no clue whatsoever that he'd like me even the slightest. But because of that his parents i think got annoyed of me because i called his house so much and went over there so often. Now i think theyre sick of me..kind of scares me once in a while. I dont think they like the idea we're going out....but..i dunno. Just hope nothing gets bad and we'll have to break up for some reason concerning his parents..that wouldnt be very good.
Otherwise!! I think im making another pixel site. I've gone back into my pixeling stage again. I just love cute stuff. Can't get enough of it! Hmm..i wanna go to Chinatown again. I need to arrange that soon!!

Posted at December 31st, 2005 from noodlecup
O_O Wow. That kinda sucks Ra-sdklfjal;dj. I mean DUDE. But haven't his parents BEEEEN annoyed of us? xD; Erm. You. ['Coz I'm super awesome and people don't get annoyed of me] [yeah right]

Anyways. A NECKALAAACE? =D Is that all? o_o; You spent like $70 on him and he gives you a necklace? >>; Yeah, uhmm.. that's kinda weird. ^___^;

I'll go to Chi-town with you!!!!!! grin.gif!!! Hohmigawsh. Take me. I command it.

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