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YAY!! its christmas eve!! FUN!! though right now im very tired because i was up til 1:30 am doing stupid stuff. Lately ive had soo much tests and homework lately,its barbaric. Im so glad i get a 2 weeks off of all that. I'm just plannin on having a good vacation and sleeping A LOT. I had recently made a layout for a nice person!! who is known as..perfect110. Yeah so look her up for i made a layout!! YAYY! that reminds me..i needa make a new layout myself. I tend to change layouts a lot.
Has anyone ever heard of the theme song for Yugioh GX?? I know this is weird,but my bf watches that show,and he got that song stuck in my head. Its quite catchy actually.
Today i get to go to church. I'm such a bad person,i think i only go to church like...once a year. I barely ever go to church. Except for in..i think 7th grade when my dads friend was ordained a bishop and OMG! ive never been to such long masses in my life. 5 FREAKIN HOURS OF IT!! i couldve died. I like..went to church for basically the same thing like every week. But now thats over with!
Turnabout in a few weeks! if anyone doesnt know what that is,its like a dance,like Homecoming or Prom. Where the girl asks the guy. I'm so excited for that cause after,we go bowling.........AGAIN! thats so much fun bowling in dresses and suits. I need to get a dress too. Well i best be going for i have to go eat a lot of food!! ^^

Posted at December 24th, 2005 from rain_drop
yes i saw the layout you made. very cool..this one make great layouts. mine's quite simple...and it's christmas eve for me too. so have a merry christmas.

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