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xlaquetax hmm - Subscribe
Man.. I'mma fail my bio test....... dang..... aye.............. I need to get some more clothes.... my sweater shrunk.. and my army shirt.. then my other army shirt got stained.... I really want that Mexico shirt, its co! 27 mo days til mah b-day!!!!!!!!! Yah!!!!!! grin.gif I wonder wa i'mma do..... hm..... i wonder what i want......... lets see
1. clothes
(Mexico Shirt)
(swim suit!!)
(hm... a shirt from wetseal, or 2)
2. purse
(silver purse, or black)
4. dog ^_^
chihuahua!!!! or...... some type of small dog
5. Maybe Jewelry
(earings, Name Plate...)
..... i guess thats it............ not a lot of stuff......
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xlaquetax My day Jan 29th, 2006 7:09:47 pm - Subscribe
Well today was kinda boring.. didn't really do nething besides go to church, and the Mexican store. I watched Forest Gump with my brother, I love that movie. Its sad, and funny. I'm not sure if I should do track now.... I mean.. I like to run.. but thinking about having practice everyday til maybe the end of the school.. I will have no life.. or social life.... I think I'm just gonna focus on having fun, and Doin good in Sco. When I turn 15, I'm so gonna go to drivers ed! Hopefully I'll get my liscense next year. A long time from now... I kno. I've been talking to this guy who went to mah old school. He's cute, and nice. On my myspace he called me sexy. haha. But I don't like him more then a friend. He moved to Sherriville, so he close by. N I think thats bout it. LaTr
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xlaquetax OuTFiTs!!!!!! Jan 28th, 2006 3:02:32 pm - Subscribe
I want these outfits, they look co.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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xlaquetax :( --sigh-- Jan 26th, 2006 3:35:11 pm - Subscribe
cry.gif I feel sad.. I don't feel like trying anymore... for looking for a bf.... its just not working out..... -sigh-...
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noodlecup DUBLEYEW TEE EFF. &#@.&@9.. Jan 25th, 2006 6:07:30 pm - Subscribe
. . . . . . . . . . .

I'm going to kill something. >< I WAS PUT IN THE 100 FLY. 4 FREEKING LAPS OF BUTTERFLY.

WHAT THE @(&$&$#*>..&$&. You know how hard that is? I can barely get by with BREASTSTROKE. Now BUTTERFLY? My coach is friggen' crazy. God. I'm so pissed off.

Anyways. Hmm. OH. OH!!


I had sooooo much fun! ^____^ Wanna see a picture? GO TO MY MYSPACE. Down there. Go look. I thought I looked pretty. Hmm.. well. Sorta. da;jflskdj. haha. CONCEITED MUCH? >> Uhm WEll. We went to the dance at 7:00. And then we left at 9:40.. but the dance ended at 10:00. D: But it was all good because we had reservations at HOUSE OF KOBE and then we were like the first to eat and the other peoples had to wait. *le cackle* Muahah.

Right now. Okay. =] Cyaz.

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: =D

xlaquetax StRaiGhtenErRRR Jan 24th, 2006 5:21:06 pm - Subscribe
Yea.. I kinda need a new straightener cas mine sux!!!!!!!!! I want to get a good one, so it will make my hair look smoother, shinnier, and thinner... Lyk my sisters... I love her Straightener.. but its like $120!!!!! So much money.. Maybe I can get it for my b-day!!!!!!
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xlaquetax ToDay! Jan 23rd, 2006 3:55:00 pm - Subscribe
Rite now I'm listening to "Here we go" By Trina.
It kinda feels like I'm singing that song.. because of what happend to me... a couple of months ago..... cry.gif Today was an O.K day.....In gym we played volley ball! It was fun.. we were setting, which I suck at it, but I actually did good!!!! Except I kept bunting it... which I kept getting in trouble by Mr. Davis angry.gif But I couldn't help it!!!!!! Its a bad habit cas the position I played was left D, and I'm always bunting and stuff. I'm still fixing up my Layout.. so its not done yet. Its kinda depression thinking about...ValenTines Day... cas I wont have a ValenTine...
cry.gif Well.. I can be mah own ValenTine!!!!!! I hope to find someone.... so I wont feel.. empty inside.

oh yes.. thanx fo the comments.... Sorry you don't like my typing.. I just get lazy at times, and don't care how I type...

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xlaquetax Hi For da 1st time!!!!! Jan 22nd, 2006 8:15:04 pm - Subscribe
Hi my name is Valen!!!!!!!! And I live in Calumet City!!!!!!!! a lil bout me: I'm Mexican, I love music esp. R&B, Rap, Hiphop, and pop. I like the sports soccer, volleyball, rollerblading, bikeridding, and some others. I have a younger brother, and an older sister. I have 2 birds, they're names are Trixi and Lemon head grin.gif ! I like to hang out with my friends, and have fun! I don't like it when ppl walk all over me. angry.gif I get really pissed when ppl try so I yell at them.... I feel that if you wanna say Shyt bout me then say it too mah face!
Mah Sayin
"Hoes Hate Me, and Rate Me, Simply Cas They Aint Me" & "Unlike Otha Hoes I Don't Need Comparin If You Don't Like Me Bitch Den Y You Starin?"
I'm in 9th grade, Its Tite, besides all tha Drama ppl always wanna cause.
Mah Birthday is MARCH 6TH!!!!!!!!!! If you wanted to know ^_^

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noodlecup =D! D=! =D! D=! Jan 19th, 2006 9:44:06 pm - Subscribe

Okay. Well. Hi. =]

Today was a good day. I enjoyed it very much. hahahaha. LDKJFAL;SDJFS. It's 9:32 pm. And I just drank a cappuchino. ;LKDJAFLJSDAF. I don't think I can sleep. D: Hmm.

Well. The new semester started. And my classes are okay. Except that I sit by my ex-crush and I think he still thinks that I like him. So it's very uncomfterble. And then.. in this other class. I found out that this guy that I used to like [haha.] is in it too. But he's a soph. and i'm a freshman. grin.gif Highschool years. WOOT. So.. I dunno. But he keeps staring at me.. and it's really freaky.. coz his friends do too.. So i just like. Walk really fast and pretend I don't see them. =D I'm good.

Me and my friend are good again. >>; I think. I hope. I really do. I hope it's not just another cover up... like last time. Thanks for the comments last time. They sorta helped me. o_o; Sorta.

Today. After school I went over to Maddy's house. And then we went to the little store.. A store that's little and actually called the little store.. to buy PUSH UPS! ... is that what it's called? It's the sherbert um.. popsicle thingies that have the flinstones on them? EVER HAVE THEM? I haven't had them since.. 2nd GRADE! I was so happy we found them last time. haha. Then we went back to her house and sat around for a bit.. coz I had to go soon. And stuff. So then I went home, did my homework [like a good little girl] and then I... hmm. DID THE LAUNDRY! That's it. And then I um. Went on Myspace.

I'm like addicted to Myspace. It's not even funny. :] Wanna see it? HUH? HUUHHH!?!? Okies.


.. I hope that link works. lmao.

I'm really hyper. And really tired.. so does that mean I'm like.. delirious? o_O; lskdjf;lasjdfs.


Cya peoples. =]


Edit: Yeah. That link doesn't work.

That shall worketh.
: Dude. I might puke right now. stfu

noodlecup Problem. Jan 16th, 2006 2:03:31 pm - Subscribe
I have this problem, see. And I think I'll tell it to you peoples. My friend and me.. we've been in this fight for about.. 3 months. And .. ahh. The story.

The story.

So, I had this play right? That I was in.. and I wanted my friend.. let's call her.. by her name. Valen. I wanted her to come with me and watch my play.. but I asked her on the day the play was showing.. since I forgot to ask her or something. Or was it the day before? Umm. Yeah, anyways. She said she couldn't go because of her boyfriend. They were gunna go see a movie together. So I was like.. Uhh. Can't you see the movie sometime else? And then she was like. No? Can you ditch the play and come with us?

That kind of set off a button or something that got me reeeaaaaaaallly mad. I mean, I was like. Furious. And I started like.. crying and shit. But then at the play, I was back to normal, forgetting about the fight and such. But then at school.. I was mad at her again.. and I think she started to get mad at me for being mad at her. So we started talking around and it kind of got to everyone around school. [Okay, not everyone, but everyone that was important..] So it was all around that the 2 best friends [ME AND VALEN] were fighting, right? And then it got worse because.. ME. I decided that I wanted to piss her off. So I called her bf with Sara [<-- the person that was going out with her bf before. And Valen hates her] which was the most stupidest idea EVER. So the next day, my [ex]friend Rose was pissed at me too. So then we kind of seperated groups, and tried to find anyone that could join 'our side'. And this went on for about a month.. until I realized that she kind of set her cousin on me.. and it kind of creeped me out. So I went and tried to get her cousin off of me by telling her TO GET HER COUSIN OFF ME. And that didn't work. We just kind of made a scene in the cafeteria. With all the yelling and such. So then a couple days later I appologised on the internet.. and it took alotta work.. but then we were friends again. But that was just a bluff... [as Rose said]. So we were 'cool' for about 2 weeks.. and then she started ignoring me. like. She usually waits for me before lunch so we could walk together.. but then she stopped doing that and left w/o me. So I confronted her.. and asked her. But then she said 'there's nothing to explain.. you would choose Sara over me and I dont think I can live with a friend like that.' And that kind of crushed me.. So we're kind of in a fight again.. where we just ignore eachother.

THEN! I said hi to her one day.. just to be nice. And then I started talking to Rachel. My other friend. And I think she said something and I just waved it off.. and she was like OKAY. So I was like.. but You hate me.. And she was like.. I dont hate you. And then we were aquantances. Yeah. That word is spelled wrong. And now I want to be her friend.. coz she was my bff for like. 3 years. And I can't seem to let that go.. at all.

What do you think I should do?? ;_____;

&& For the commenters.

I love the harvest moon game. It's like my obsession. =D

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: ahh.

noodlecup NEW YEARS, BABY! Jan 1st, 2006 12:39:04 am - Subscribe
Heeellllooo peoples.

Having a fun new years? ^_^ I wanted to steal my friend's idea and list some of the memories I had in the year 2005. Okies? Here goes.

2005 memories.

- Starting the year with new gifts from xmas -
- Complaining to my friends that I didn't get enough gifts-
- Getting into BBS's and then quiting and getting back into them again -
- doing my double back handspring on the floor -
- having the most funnest summer ever -
- having the most stupidest crushes ever and having my heart broken for all of them-
- how I got over them all in a snap -
- Okay, maybe not that quick. xD; -
- How my best friends helped me through them-
- How I lost my best friend..-
- How I got new friends -
- Joining swimming. -_-; -
- Practicing soccer with my ex. BFF -
- Sharing secrets with her.. -
- Missing her ear to listen to me -
- Crying in school because of *name* yelling at me -
- My dog getting fixed on xmas of last year. o_O; -
- Loosing my rat..-
Not very fun memories. >:l
- Mailing Lizzie -
- Going to temple for a first in 5 years -
- Getting a new computer -
- Getting good at DDR. Lmao -
- Thinking myself pretty for a first. -
- Gone to a $17 dance. -
- Hating my parents. RIGHT NOW-

That's my list for now. My dad's kicking me off the computer. Blahblahblah -lskdjfa;lsd- GOD!


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noodlecup TODAY! Dec 28th, 2005 6:14:48 pm - Subscribe
Well. That swim practice wasn't that bad.. and today's swim practice [at 9:00 am] wasn't that bad either. Except for the fact that my ear hurt like &*%^ and I had to kick [with a kickboard] the whole time. *Sigh* It was pretty hard. But I kind of slacked off because my USUAL coach wasn't there. [^_^!] Haha. But then the sub-coach got pretty pissed. o_O; It was kinda scary.

Ahh. We were supposed to get Harvest Moon : another wonderful life today. But then they didn't have it at Circut city. *growl* AND I WANTED TO PLAY IT TODAY TOO! If you don't know what that is. I'm not gunna explain the Harvest moon part. =] But if you do know what it is, it's the girl version for Gamecube. Hardyharhar. AND I DONT HAVE EET!! aslkdjflkjs. Oh well. My parents are gunna get it though, no matter how long it'll take. grin.gif *isa happy* *erm.. sorta*

My dad's laptop is running out of battery.


: I still do.

noodlecup Ooohh. Dec 26th, 2005 8:21:37 pm - Subscribe
Dude. I just found out how to get here! grin.gif I am like so totally happy.

Just not really. Wait. Yeah. But..

HEY! Any of you new peoples want to be my friend? I love FRIENDZ. I mean, this girl is my friend, but she was ALREADY my friend. So THAT does not COUNT.

Hahah. *giggles* You people must think I'm stupid. ^_^; Soooorry.

Okay! Now for the actually smart part. TODAY! I woke up around 10. My mom believing me that I really didn't have to go to swim-practice. And then I came down stairs and started to play on the computer. And then for like 293847 hours I was on. And then I had to go to the SECOND swim practice. Which wasn't that hard because the varsity team was taking like a bajillion years. But that was good because we got a shorter practice.

My English teacher told me not to use the word 'got'. I dunno why. I think she told me.. but uhh. Yeah. Anyways. Back to my dad.

AFTER THE SWIMPRACTICE, I came home and played on the computer SOME MORE. Muahahaha. I'm like.. a computer addit. :] AND NOW. I was gunna make this account JUST for my friend. 'Coz she has no friends on this lame thing. [NOOFFENCETOPPLWHODON'TTHINKTHISISLAME] And my username was gunna be RACHEL'SFRIEND but it didn't fit. And then it was gunna be HAPPYDAPPY but then I was like. No. xD; And then it was gunna be doishee? Yeah. And then.. FLOOFPILLOW. And then LordPhorkenlord. o___o; Yeah, I didn't come up with these. ^_^

Yay. SO that was totally my day. Tomorrow, I have swim practice at 6:00 am. *le sobeth* I HAAAATE SWIMMING. GOSH. I could kill something. >:l

Yeah, well. I'm out. TOODLE LOOO.


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: Uhh. I love noodles?