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Yes! today is Christmas. I love Christmas,its happiest time of year. I love how it snows on Christmas,its soo pretty! I got the game Fatal Frame 3 for Christmas! I LOVE IT! Though it kinda scares the poppies outta me at times,but i still love it! I'm so tired right now though. Tomarrow i have to go to my cousins house,and..get,more PRESENTS!!! i love getting presents its so much fun. Not to mention i still need to get the presents from my friends and bf!!! FUN FUN FUN! and i also got presents from them too. Well just to keep babbling,ill say what i got for Christmas so far!! Well i got a comforter/sheet set for my bed,socks,Fatal Frame 3,perfume,shirts,and a new jacket. AND!! an ornament!! but thats just from my parents. So yes..i think i had a good christmas this year. Yep....ok good day!

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