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Ahh yes..yesterday was New Year's Eve. How'd I celebrate it? Wasnt that big for me. Since my dad was sick and yeah..Didnt do much. Played Fatal Frame for a while..then..well thats about it. Though I can say one thing,in the evening i drank a lot of Sparkling Grapejuice and a lot of cheese. I dont remember the name of it,but i think its like..Fontanella or somethin like that. Its good! My dad calls it Stinky cheese guess it kinda smells. I think i ate too much cheese and drank too much grapejuice because now,my stomach hurts.
Okay randomness coming up. I think the word Flabbergasted is a funny word. Thats why its my mood for today. I know pointless. I really have no reason to be flabbergasted. But i am now!
Okay,i gave my bf 2 shirts for christmas,but due to my stupidity and getting the wrong size in one of them he has to take it back. But thats okay,its not that big of a deal since i figured once i looked at the size it was gonna be small. Its not that its short,its just too tite ^^. But anyhow..yes.
I want more cheese..but since my stomach kind of hurts,i shouldnt eat any at the moment!

Posted at January 03rd, 2006 from perfect110
you are so cute- haha you crack me up. I think that is a funny word too--- and it sounds like you had a good new years- even if all you did was eat some stinky cheese =) perfect~

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