Chinatown! || Nov 26th, 2005 7:07:52 pm - Subscribe
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I went to Chinatown in chicago today!! WEWT! that was soo much fun! I bought to notebooks (one with RooRoo Bear from Ibis Korean and the other with a character named PinBear) and two mech. pencils..with the character Pucca. AND! i bought a Kimono today! I was so happie! Ive always wanted one..their soo pwetty! imma ask for pajama type thingys like that for Christmas. HAHAHA! so happie..and..i got..Pocky..and..Koala Cookie things.. and then i went to my cousins house,who i havent seen for..6 years. Yeah it was amazing..yet strange..since i havent seen them for soooooo long. But yeah..that was my! good-day

Thanksgiving! || Nov 24th, 2005 8:57:03 pm - Subscribe
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Yeah! turkey! i must say..i had a joyous thanksgiving...good food and all..Though my favorite part of the meal..was the mashed potatoes and stuffing..Boy were those things awfully tastie! ^^


New Layout || Nov 23rd, 2005 9:37:18 pm - Subscribe
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Yes! i have a new layout..took me a couple days to make it,but layout! I got the layout pixel from a scan from a stationary from Crux Japan..i think..i dont remember but yeah. I love cute just a cute-attic. Though this layout doesnt look right in Mozilla Firefox. So yeah..its gonna look funnie if your using Firefox. well atleast it did for my computer. Yay! I'm finally on Thanksgiving Break,so i actually have some free time on my hands,which is..great! thing i havent done yet is see the Harry Potter movie. IM SO MAD! everyone has like..seen it (out of all my friends) but me! I'll just have to go with my wonderful/exciting parents! (sarcasm). I wanna see it so bad... But proud i made the new layout. For some reason..i found my other one ugly. But happie that im able to continue to update for a while! ^^

Absence.. || Nov 20th, 2005 11:23:39 am - Subscribe
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Oh geeze...i havent posted in here for such a long time. And i had promised for a new layout,but sadly i havent come to that cause ive been so busy lately. I've been doing a lot of stuff with my friends and my bf. So ive been absent. Also ive been actually doing my homework for once. I did good on my report card..though..i didnt get as many A's as i did last time..which makes me sad. This time though,i plan on trying to get all A's or like B+'s if thats possible for me. Just gotta turn in all my homework and do well on quizes and tests. I have a big Bio test this tuesday but thats like it. And then basically in most of my classes,we're not really doing much. I get to go to Old Navy today because...i have these gift cards in which..i havent even used yet,which is quite sad. I wish i could afford to go to places such as abercrombie or hollister,but you know what..theyre wayyyy to expensive. But oh well...maybe someday..i shall get more clothes there..cause right now from abercrombie i only have 2 shirts and a jacket from there and from aero..since its a little cheaper i have quite a bit of shirts there. I want a giftcard for aero for christmas..hmm..somethin to tell my bf. But anyways..yes ive been overly absent. So i think today ill actually make a new layout. Yes its great. ^^ so i guess ill go before my Ramen Noodles(best effin noodles ive ever had) get cold. Oh wait! Just thought id also add another thing. I might take Tae Kwon Do. Ive been wanting to take karate for fricken long..and my parents are actually letting me take Tae Kwon Do even though they couldnt afford to let me take Piano but oh wells! My friends givin me a business card for the place that she goes for Tae Kwon Do. Im so excited! it looks fuuun too! By the way..I feel just DELICIOUS today!

back! || Nov 5th, 2005 11:28:20 am - Subscribe
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Yes i havent done any posts for a looong time. And i still havent made a new layout yet. i have an idea but just havent begun making it yet. Its gonna be a CUTSY layout. Yeah,thats right..imma get into my feminine side in which came nicely with me when i was born. ahhh..anyways..schools been okay for me. Though i do need to pick up my grades,i dont seem to be failing any of my classes but i aint doin as good as i did for the 1st quarter. I cant wait til Christmas! I love christmas,its like..the happiest time of the year for me,its so pretty outside with the snow,and the warming christmas songs. I dunno..I just love christmas so much! i just LOVE watching the marathon of christmas shows that are on! whoo! well now that i dunno what else to say..i shall be going!

Oh geeze.. || Oct 27th, 2005 6:08:21 pm - Subscribe
c1mments . leave a comment has been so boring lately. more football games. its so sad! next trend! BASKETBALL GAMES! oh yes..HOW FUN! hmm..right now im on fall break really missing my bf. He aint commin back til Sunday. He went to florida. GOD! i miss him soo much! but ill see him soon! i hope! if not..ill see him at school unless he dies...which would be very depressing. Anyways..i needa get a halloween costume,i got these gold hoop earring things which..i think looks cool for a female pirate..and now..all i need is a freakin outfit. Sadly yesterday when i had gone to a halloween store,the outfit was too small and i dont think they have any other sizes which is...quite depressing but anyways yeah. I think im going to make a new layout since im beginning not to like this one anymore. I shall go wanderin around lookin for ideas...Ill do that now..since im bored at the moment anyway!

Hugs and Bugs || Oct 21st, 2005 11:09:47 pm - Subscribe
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I have no idea what the crap the title has to do with anything. Well was the football game. It was really fun...i was God for a fun. Everything went well.until sorta towards the end my bf kinda scared me because since theres hurricanes/storms in florida and hes going there..and im scared he could die and stuff..yes its really really depressing so i kinda broke down during the game and i started crying about it..but im okay now. i just pray that he either..

1.doesnt go


2.he doesnt die and comes back alive

Other than that...everything went perfectly well and my friends and i went to Dunkin Donuts and i got hot chocolate! fun fun fun! and..this girl told me today bf..has a nice ass (aint that cool?!?). ok well none of you people really needed to know that but okay. And! he gave me a carnation thingie from school for sweetests day. Okay i should stop babbling about my bf. Hmm..well! i had a humongo Modern History test. That wasnt kool...had to write a big essay..blech. but im happie cause my bio teacher gave the class ALL the questions that are going to be on the test and! awesome thing is..WE GET TO USE THE STUDY GUIDE! im so happie..i could give him an APPLE! Oh big. And my moms b-day is on monday..WHOOT HOOT! im really really tired..and i dunno what else to i shall..go..HAVE A GREAT DAY PEOPLES!

Late... || Oct 19th, 2005 8:17:25 pm - Subscribe
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I havent really updated lately because well..nothin much has been happening! Today was my friends birthday! we went to a pizza place called Beggar's Pizza. Its pretty kool..since its like in a old movie theatre and crap..yeah its cool. Guess wat peoples?! theres another football game friday! oh yes..its AMAZING. Its funnie how i go to football games and i dont even pay attention to the game. I just hang around with my friends most of the time anyway. Im really tired..yesterday i had Pink Eye and i didnt really even know it. My eye was all red and it hurt throughout the day. Today it was still a little pink but it doesnt hurt anymore! so thats all good. I want the weekend to come so badly..i wanna sleep soo tired. Next week i think is fall break. bf is going to be gone the whole time but hey! he'll be back by halloween so thats kool..
About halloween! im bein a pirate! oh yes its special. Though i havent found a pirate costume that i like. But oh well..i say..i buy one and add whatever crap to it and fix it the way i want it. SO ITS PUUURFECT! good..i love goin treak or treatin...get lots of candy. Ok...i think ill go before i fall asleep..even though its just REALLY tired and ive been getting a lack of i shall go now..

Boring || Oct 15th, 2005 11:31:21 pm - Subscribe
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Must was just another day for me,so not much is going to be said. All that i can say is that i finished my friend's layout for aeonity today. Just need have him put it up then everythin will be spiffy! Got a bio project to work on so i shall be workin now!! shall post tomarrow! since i did completely nothing today.
Oh yeah! Happie Sweetests Day!! BYE BYESH!

FUUTBOL! || Oct 14th, 2005 3:33:51 pm - Subscribe
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Oh yes peoples! todays the day ive been babblin about pretty much ALL WEEK. Yeah its great.
Today some stupid little thing happened. My bf walked home with me from school today but then he had to go straight home because SUPPOSEDLY his brother was supposed come walking with us but me and matt had no idea that was supposed to happen. So was messed up. Hes probably gonna get in trouble now. But hey! maybe ill be still able to see him at the football game! yes! grand BIO project to work on..though i have no idea what to write or do since my partner didnt even tell me. But ill figure it out.
I dont know what else to type so i shall add more later,like after the game or somethin.


Alrightie peoples! heres an update! and yes i came back from the game and alls i can say is,IT WAS A BLAST!! matt was there...I WAS SOO DAMN Happie! Anyways..yes our team lost cause um..we suck but yeah it was fun. Then later on..we went to baskin robbins..though on the way there i got a little freaked cause theyre were these peoples in the woods like smokin and was freakin me out. But besides that! it was fun!

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