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wow its been a while. I passed my finals! I almost could have sworn i would have failed them x_x. I Bs on all of them and thats a good thing for me!
This passing Saturday was turnabout! it was fun. Yeah..dress up,try to look pretty. Dancing..yeah. Start of a new semester! Oh fun. Right now,the most hated class i have is geography. Just cause my teacher is ickie..our tests are like..horrible. I have quite a hard time remembering where things are,since the map from our packets he gives us is quite different from the actual tests. I hate that. I was pissed today,because we had to do a current event. AND SADLY! i got a 0/10 because i didnt fill in the last 3 lines of the paper. I find that aggrivating. So next time,i need to find a bigger article and fill out all the stupid lines on the paper. But yes,thats my rant for the day.
For the good stuff,a new layout is probably going to be coming this way. Yeah thats pretty much it right now. ^^ Lot of news,eh? Well im Spanish to do since teacher gave me a death stare today..xX

Posted at January 23rd, 2006 from xlaquetax
Hey Rachel!!!!!! That sucks that you have an ickie teacher. Herolds tests were easy to me. But now I have.. some other guy.. who just gives out lectures.... and we write notes.. thats like it.... I like your layout.. idk y u want to change it! It looks good!!!!! If you do change it, I liked that blend you made with that girl in the car. That one looked cool, and pretty!!!!!!!!! I'm Goin outs!!!!!!! byes!!!!!!!
<3 Valen

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