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Oh yes..look at that! im updating for once. Right now i am just really amused because im listening to 2 people singing the Bohemian Rhapsody. Its very..interesting. I cannot tell you how amused i am. Well lately nothin much has been happening. I'm going to my friends house to sleepover today. I might update there..dunno. Ive been feelin like that crap lately i dunno why. But i just have. Ya know..Ramen noodles..are GREAT! best noodles ive ever eaten..yeah..just thought id let u all know that!

Posted at December 05th, 2005 from chicano
Omg that was me and steve singing that! hahaha! peace.

Posted at December 16th, 2005 from perfect110
I love the new layout--- your layouts are so cute! do you think you could make me one...? perfect~

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