I can't take this anymore...
Date: May 30th, 2006 2:12:33 am - Subscribe
Mood: fragile
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-sigh-...You know how the boyfriend was grounded? No Phone, Internet, Friends, etc.

Get this...

Today my friend comes to me with some very interesting news. She says my boyfriend's friend told her that he and my boyfriend had been hanging out alot lately. Would someone mind telling me why he can have out with his friends, and be grounded at the same time? So for fun, I call his cell phone. Now, call me an idiot, but when your cell phone isn't on...it doesn't ring. So..if his cell phone rings, it's on. Well...it rang. I'm all like "wtf" So i decide I may be wrong and I decide to try again..and once again..it rings. So now I'm wondering exactly wtf is going on. I'm so pissed like...beyond belief. I know for a fact, if his parents have his phone they leave it off 24/7. Uuuuugh. What the fuck. Whatever. I'm going to go let my good friend, William, cheer me up, I guess. I shouldn't have been stupid enough to believe in anything...
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