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Cisco 15454-DS3-12E

Dec 8th, 2010 2:19:19 pm - Subscribe

XTech Gear is a premier supplier of refurbished Cisco 15454-DS3-12E.
All of our Cisco 15454-DS3-12E are tested in our Test and

Repair Center, and are judged on stringent guidelines to ensure that only fully
functional equipment leaves our warehouse and gets installed in your network.

If your Cisco 15454-DS3-12E does develop a problem, we can usually get a
replacement part out the same day, and if not we also have the ability

to repair the problem in our Test and Repair Center. This ability makes us a trusted
source for communications providers and large companies across the

country who rely on their networks to conduct business.

We are also always looking to purchase Cisco 15454-DS3-12E as well as other
Alcatel-Lucent equipment. Our capabilities include refurbishment,

consignment, precious metals salvage, outright purchase and other manner of asset
recovery to ensure that you see the maximum benefit from your

decommissioned equipment.

If you would like a quote on Cisco 15454-DS3-12E, or to discuss some of our
other capabilities, please feel free to contact us at 813-661-1499

or email sales@xtechgear.com
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