Construct 2: HTML5 Game Development

Tuesday, 12 July 2011 - SubscribeLoading Comments...

Construct, the freeware GM killer is back with it's second iteration - now featuring a fancy HTML5 based game engine. The original construct made some waves a while ago, advertising itself as an alternative to Yoyogame's popular game development toolkit Gamemaker with it's drag-and-drop interface. It's main draw, in my humble opinion, seems to be the highly versatile room editor, a feature where Gamemaker sorely needs to pay more attention to. In Construct's game editor, you can freely move things around, rotate them and transform them, which is all kinds of cool. Gamemaker, on the other hand, feels like a rusty clockwork contraption in that department.

Contruct 2 Editor

We all know the attraction of HTML5, it can run on virtually any device, and you can even sell it over at the Chrome Web Store. Although Gamemaker has been promising iOS, Android and HTML5 capabilities, it hasn't had anything to show for it except publishing a whole bunch of games on those platforms themselves and making a lot of money. Yoyogames has become a lot more game publisher than the great toolmaker they used to be, which is sad. Is this a good time to switch over to underdogs and try Construct? Maybe. Let me know what you think in the comments.