Synopsize: TV Show Synopsis Feed

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 - SubscribeLoading Comments...

Wouldn't you like an RSS Feed that provides you synopses of your favorite shows? Well, now you can - I've developed a system using several existing web tools that will do just this. Take some time and read the steps I've laid out for you below:

Step 1: Make a list of your favorite shows at ShowRSS

ShowRSS is a website that allows you to generate a torrent feed of your favorite shows that you can then supply to bitorrent clients such as uTorrent to have them automatically download your shows for you as they get released.
If you are already a user of ShowRSS, skip over to the next step.
If not, register at the site, go to "Your Shows" and add the shows you watch to your RSS Feed.

Step 2: Use Synopsize to convert that feed into a synopsis feed

Synopsize is a tool I made using Yahoo Pipes that converts the ShowRSS Feed into a synopsis feed using information found at TV.Com. To use it, simply enter your ShowRSS feed address into the field below (To find your feed address, go to "Feeds" in ShowRSS and generate an RSS from the "Your feed address" section):

ShowRSS Feed URL:

Step 3: Publish to Twitter and Facebook using TwitterFeed

Twitterfeed is a web tool that posts updates to Twitter and Facebook from RSS.
Register at Twitterfeed and create a new feed with the RSS generated above.
Choose the services you would like to update... and you're done. Enjoy.