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No Subject Jun 30th, 2007 12:42:24 am - Subscribe
Mood | glittery

sorry i havent been writing on here. i have been so damn busy, on Sunday im going to the beach with Melia! (YAY!!) And we are coming back Tuesday, and then my parents are going on their honeymoon on a cruise to some island for a week, so that means HOME ALONE!!! But, my Grandma is coming every other 2 days, so, me and Daren already made plans, hehe, he is coming up Tuesday, and then leaving to go out and get us pizza, (while my grandma is checking up on us and the horses) and then when she leaves, Daren is gonna come back, and say then staying until Thursday, (when my Grandma comes back to check on us) and then leaving sad.gif So you are probably wondering how i got this to work out with Derek right? well... he is getting my allowance for 2 months. I know it sucks. but at least im gonna get to see Daren. Its gonna be AWESOME! But im still kinda mad at Derek, bcuz he wont let us sleep in the same bed, NOT DOING ANYTHING, JUST SLEEPING, NOTHING BUT SLEEPING, lol. Im to young for that, lol. Anyways, yeah and then i will get to see Daren again b4 school starts bcuz we are supposed to b going camping at Artillery Ridge (where he works), so yeah, i hope we are still planing on going. OH!!!! last Saturday I had a horse show!! now that im with the High School Rodeo, I have like shows like 2 saturdays and 2 wednesdays in a month, and yep, I came in 2nd my barrel run, 4th in my pole bending run, and me and Ash came in 5th in Team Penning, so yep we had a blast! Im pretty sure the horses were too, right when Monique got in front of the barrels she was ready to go! And she flew around the barrels when i let her loose! Anyways, I started my first dressage lesson yesterday, and when i start competing my grandma is letting me use her old english pleasure horse, Leena. Well its......1:41am right now, lol so im off to bed!!! ttyl!

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