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Ocean City Jul 5th, 2007 12:50:55 pm - Subscribe
Mood | jolly, hyper, lovable, loving, merry, swell, happy, playful, spicy, wise, wild, wicked, chilled, clever

The beach was AWESOME! We stayed at this hotel that was on the boardwalk, and had this Italian restaurant below it, and so when we got there, we checked in and went up to our room to get changed to go down to the beach, well, we didnt stay there that long, so we went back to the hotel, went out to dinner, at Crab Alley, and then stayed on the boardwalk untill like 8. and the pool didnt close until 10, and the hotel resturant didnt close until 11. so we went out to the pool grin.gif, and there is like a little pool in front of our hotel and then like a little bridge over top of the pool that goes into the restaurant, and there is windows where you can look out into the pool from the resturant grin.gif and since it was 9:00, we were like the only ones in the pool. so, i went under the little bridge thing, and looked up in the window into the restaurant grin.gif and over by the brick oven where they make the pizzas, was this guy, who was wearing a red and white hat, and he was Italian, and he was SOOO CUTE!!!! And he looked just like Kasey Kahne. so then we went back up to our hotel room, and stayed up until like 1am, and we were watching the drunk people walk down the boardwalk, from our balcony, and there are some.........weird people, because there were these 2 guys that were walking down the boardwalk, like yelling, and they stopped, and were like WERE HAVING _ _ _!!!
yeah, and the next day, we had breakfast at Laytons, and we went back to the hotel, we changed, and we went throught the resturant, because my dad wanted to see the guy I was talking about, and he was working!!!! and I like flipped out! and I like hid behind Daddy, and I could like see he was looking over at us, probably because i was making like a scene, and yeah, so we went to the beach, and stayed there for like 3 hours, and then we went back to our hotel, changed, and went out to dinner at Phillips, and our bill was like 100and some $s, so I dont think were gonna be eating there again, lol. and then we drove down to Fenwick Island in Delaware, and played mini golf, hehe, I came in last with a score of 70. lol wink.gif and we went back to the hotel and to the boardwalk, and got Old Time Pictures done!! one with me and Leah, and then one with me and Daddy, yep, and the next day, which was like the worst! We ate breakfast at Brass Balls, and went to the hotel room and changed, went to the beach, ate lunch at Into The Bleu, and then dinner at our restaurant... which was TERRIBLE! well... the food was great, but, we got pizza... and we had to order it... and I went up with Daddy to order it, because thats where the pizza guy was, and Daddy, hes orders, and says to the pizza guy, 'she has a crush on you' and i like wished I would have died, bcuz i looked up at the pizza guy and his face was like beet red, and i could tell mine was too, because i could feel it was like on fire, and after we ordered, and then the pizza guiy brought it to our table, so yeah I could have died, But now, thanks to Daddy, I have the pizza guys Phone number and his email address, so yeah, I guess it worked out! (but im just glad that Daren cant read this....) hehe wink.gif grin.gif happy.gif so yeah that was like the bestest vacation ever!

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