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my day Feb 15th, 2008 8:38:46 pm - Subscribe
Mood | foolish

i havent been posting much things for a while... i have been busy. my days have been messed up. im jealous of my gabe because kristin is dating him. but still gabe is one of my best friends so i should be happy for him, i am happy for him and i make fun of him every once a while, but he knows i am just joking around. still i dont know, me and her ex, dylan, are kinda mad at her. i mean her and dylan broke up and 6 days later she hooks up with gabe. i liked her better when she is single. when she has a boyfriend, i feel like im wasted my life, well i should be happy for them because the are very happy together. on their myspace, they keep typing in messages and stuff saying about how great the bf/gf are, they are like a perfect couple. i should just stop wasting my time and move on, but i dont know... well lets talk about something else, my day was ordinary. valentines day wass the same as all the other ones... same old.... my friends getting things for there gf and other stuff. i sometimes wonder why i exist sometimes.... all my other posts were usually private but today i just feel like leaving this open and free for people to read.....

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