Who is benefited from the financial crisis

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The financial crisis raids the volume entire Earth gradually from the US, the various trades and occupations is feeling this atmosphere.
I do not know that this is a symbol of dawn or the spread of night for China lighting design, the lighting design develops these years in China, Yeema thinks that it cannot be called development exactly, and should be in the incubation stage.
A complete lighting design is including the model design, the light distribution design and the structure design, and the light distribution design is embarks from the functionality. A good light distribution design has the high lights efficiency, and palys an influential role in the energy conservation. Looks over China, the specialized lighting design departments is a fat lot. This data does not match to the quantity of China's lighting enterprises apparently.
Market is the entire, many enterprises use the Chinese characteristic path which is absolutely combining the design of deceiving and copying, therefore Yeema is not dare to issue too many lighting design works on-line . However, there is none of a lighting design department could achieve the whole design cycle which including the model design, the light distribution design and the structure design in China. Of cause, Yeema does not dare to say that it is completely grasping this design cycle by this time, and more just is in exploring and researching, so the common people do not to blame Yeema!
Some enterprises take a few hundred dollars to buy the model design from Yeema, but a model light of light distribution needs 200 hours at least. The enterprise does not give the opportunity to design company, Yeema also hasn’t the way to advance.
After the financial crisis, from the positive aspect, the behindhand enterprise and the non-innovative lighting enterprise will certainly be to eliminate, the agent of machining will face the challenge. This will be the inevitable trend that China moves toward the internationalization. Turning back to see again these designs of deceiving and copying is so laughable, the more you deceive and copy explaines the more deeper you poison, and your innovative ideology of comprehension strength gradually be losed . An enterprise which lost the innovative ideology and the correct research and development idea will certainly be faced to bankruptcy.
Yeema calls on the majority of design departments to receive the kingcraft of design together, lets this storm comes more violent, sweeps the silt, blows cleanly.
Any unauthorized use of Yeema design works are acts of copyright, no matter whether it takes profit as a goal or whether it has profits.


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