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That's my island. Or at least one of my favorite places locally.

Andrew and I went there a week or so ago with the intent of storming the beach through the knee-deep stream on the north west side of the island. Turns out "knee deep stream" actually meant 6+ foot deep swift rapids. My bad haha. Our first trip was a disaster. We started out in knee deep water, and ended up going upstream probably at least fifty yards trying to find a decent place to cross, only to get within ten yards of the island, get soaking wet, and be swept back downstream.

Trip two was yesterday. We figured heck, there's no way to get accross without getting soaked, so we threw on some life jackets and swam from the path just west of the north side of the island to the open beach on the northwest side of the island. I brought my camera in a plastic bag to record our glorious adventure:

So to finish the story, I dove in, fought through roaring freezing rapids in pitch black, and muscled my way back to land. hah, actually every bit of that sentence is really exaggerated. Except the freezing part. It's amazing how cold that river gets when there's no sun out. It was kinda peaceful after about 30 seconds... floating numb down a river with the stars staring down on me... ahh it was a blast. I'm goin again Sunday!

It's funny... what on earth possessed me to do that?
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