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yellomoose Story of my crush and my commitment - Subscribe
Ya, I was talkin to me crush (Liz) on IM agin last night. Fun stuff! I love IMs. Theyz so cool! Seriously, now that I have them, I couldn't go back to jus message boards and emailing! Tha'd be sooo boring! How else could I talk to my friend in Maine and Texas and Southern California and Georgia and Florida w/out the IM? Email? Nah, that drives me nuts. Unless they don't have an IM, then it's ok. But ok, if you don't know my situation w/ me crush, here tiz:
At the beggining of my year, my geo teacher gave us all assigned seats. So I got put by these two girls and I'm like, cool beans, one is as silent as death, and the other is, well, silent as death. So at this time I didn't really know her, I jus knew her name, so I didn't have a crush on her. So there are 4 at each table, and we are assigned to work in pairs with our group. And she was my group. So we were supposed to put both of our names up at the top of the paper. So I didn't know her at all, and I wasn't sure about her name. So I wrote down what I thought, and it was right, and I asked her if I spelled it right, and she was like, 'Mmhmm'. So I'm like, yay! I got some noise out of her mouth! kk, for those of you who don't know me, I like to talk a lot, which is probably why the teacher put me by two girls who are silent as death. Well, she looked pretty happy that I actually knew her name, so lil by lil, day by day, she openned up more and more until we were pretty good friends. So at the end of the quarter, we got moved. So we were both like, nooooo! So we exchanged IMs and pass notes back and forth a lot. Some how she heard from somethin that she liked me, and so she asked Megan, who I'm really tight with, if I did, and basically to make a really long story not so long, I told Megan to say yes. So Liz knew, and so I told her about my commitment to not have a gf for a long time, at least until I'm a Senior. I dunno, I'll hafta see where I am with God. So I decided we should stay jus friends, and she liked that better anyway. So the end, yay! Fun stuff, but my mom is kicking me off the puter, so I gotta go, bye!
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yellomoose Darn computer addicts Feb 27th, 2005 12:22:01 pm - Subscribe
Ok, my mom says over and over how she doesn't spend that much time on the internet. But she does! When I want on and she has been on for a while, she frequently will say 'ok, justa sec'. 10 min later, I ask her, and she's like, 'hang on'. Another 5 minutes and she tells me to go away and that she gets extra time because I keep interupting her. I don't think me askin her if she is almost done twice is a good excuse for stayin on the computer for an extra 30 min. So that one happened last weekend. This weekend it started out the same way. I asked her if I could get on, she said 'give me 15 minutes'. I gave her 20, and asked her again. 'After breakfast' was her reply. So I got kinda frustrated, but I didn't throw a fit. So we ate breakfast, and usually my mom eats breakfast, lunch, and a lot of dinners on the computer. Ya know, take a bite and scroll. That typa thing. So this morning, we all ate in the kitchen, so she didn't get to have the net while she ate. So apparently, that irritated her, so when I got up and sat at the computer desk, she grabbed a cup of coffee and told me I could get on after she finished her coffee. So I made a stand, but since she's my mom, I can't really do much if she doesn't wanna reason. So usually when you drink coffee you drink it fairly quickly so it doesn't turn lukewarm, right? Thaz what I've heard anyway, cuz I don't drink coffee, cuz it's like, the fluid of the devil, lolz, so I wouldn't know. Wool she takes exactly 36 minutes to drink her coffee! I watched the clock! So ya, I'm pissed. I jus feel like my mom is a dictator, and I can't do anything about it, and whatever she says goes. And to an extent, that's true. When my dad's home and my mom does somethin that's way messed up, I go to him and he usually straightens things out. But he's not home a lot, although I don't hold it against him, cuz he's at work. So when he's gone, she kinda is a dictator. I can try to reason with her, but usually she blows me outta the water and excuses it by sayin I'm poundin on her. So I back off before she grounds me or somethin. Dagget, sometimes I can't wait till I move out. Oh, and my parents have access to my blog and can read this anytime. I don't think I'll get grounded tho, cuz I've only voiced my opinions and laid down facts. I was careful not to exaggerate either (although my mom would be the last one to complain about others exaggerating, lolz). So logically she can't ground me for voicing my opinions can she? No, but she doesn't always deal with logic, and it's hard to hear your faults coming from other people, not just for my mom, but for everyone in general. Wow, I wasn't really plannin on makin this a long one either, lolz. Oh well, when I start venting, it's hard to stop I guess. Gotta go, so bye paisans! grin.gif
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yellomoose BIOLOGY NEEDS TO BE SHOT! Feb 27th, 2005 4:38:39 pm - Subscribe
Dagget! Why the crap did my dang Bio teacher assign a project?! Dag, ok, she's sorta pregnant too, so she's gonna be goin through massive mood swings for the rest of the year. Joy. Ok, my project is on Bronchial cell and I hafta build a model of it and tell how many organelles are in it and all that. Lez see . . . I had 4 other people (not including me) look all over the net for it and they can't find no squat! So I called the teacher and got an answering machine. So I'm gonna call back soon. Dag, why do teachers do this to us?! angry.gif
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yellomoose Substitutes are the devil! Feb 28th, 2005 6:57:24 pm - Subscribe
Dagget! I hate Bio! It jus needs to die! I've been trying to contact my bio teacher for over 48 hours now, and she's no where to be found! I called her saturday, left a message on her answering machine thingie, and called her again! And she wasn't at school today! So I couldn't ask her about the cell progect! AH! Somebody shoot me! *shoots Bio*

Ok, since my bio teacher (who also happens to be my geometry teacher) was gone, we had this other sub, and she's like, EVIL!! Seriously! Like last time we had her, she was talkin about chewin gum and stuff, and Miles was like, 'I have a retainer in my mouth and it sometimes falls out cuz it's too big, so if you see a red flash in my mouth, it's not gum'. And she was like, 'I don't appreciate sarcasm'. And Miles was like, 'No, I'm serious! I'm not tryin to be sarcastic!' And she was like, 'Do you want to keep talkin?' And Miles was very quiet the rest of the period, lolz. So this woman is EEEEVIIIIL! And I had her for two periods! NOOOO! *gnaws my arm off*

So hopefully Mrs. Bio/Geo is back tommorrow. *shiver*. So things w/ Liz are goin pretty smooth. We're passin notes and stuff, but she's been busy and stuff, so it's cooled down a bit. But today, she wrote me a note appologizin for bein so busy and stuff. I jus don't want her writin them cuz she feels like she hasta be my friend or anything, and she knows that. So that situation's goin well.

My situation w/ Megan and Hill is goin good. We're jus friends, but close friends. Right now I'm tryin to focus on staying closer to God than closer to her. Cuz there was a time where she unintentionally pulled me away from God, and it wasn't cool. I got pretty distant from Him. Granted, it only lasted two days, but those two days were a nightmare. I couldn't imagine goin a week without God. Heck, He can calm me down, motivate me, and He has all the answers! Dag, my life was so different last year.

So ya, that's pretty much my day. Dag, I'm stressed. I hate Bio. I gotta call her again, and this time I really hope she's home. Of course, I really hoped she was home the last 98 times I called her, lolz. Joy. Hey, under the smilies, where it says [more smilies], anybody know how do you use those?