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yellomoose Take this, fiend! - Subscribe
Here's my blog entry!

. . .

that was it! Take that all you hosers, lack of goat meat eaters, vegans, foul beats, non zesty beans, paisans, and fire hydrants!!!!
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yellomoose I\'d better put a subject before I forget and the whole dang thing gets erased Apr 4th, 2005 8:57:01 pm - Subscribe
Dag, I hate that about these blog things. But other than that, it's not bad. It's pretty cool actually. Ok . . . bout my weekend and week and day and all that. Wool I didn't write in my blog coz I was lazy and when I was on the puter I was on IM. So . . . I spent hours online with Amy, that was hecka awesome, and we formed an alliance, but then I found out I couldn't betray her coz she likes homestar! Dag! What's the fun of alliances if you can't betray anyone? Dag! I still can't believe I did that without checkin up on it first . . . oh, and she is all alone durin the week, coz I'm not allowed on msg boards! Ya!

oi oi oi oi! Heck yes! I jus found out I have a supa solid B+ in Bio! Dag, I guess those 70 extra credit points helped quite a bit after all! grin.gif tounge.gif yaaaaaaaaay! Now alls I gotta do is worry about History . . . I'm a lil nervous about the grade, coz he started teachin in like, pure lecture format, so we take notes, and it's hard to focus, coz he's not the funniest teacher, and the tests are big fat and hard, and so I might have a C or somethin . . . so I'm nervous . . . it's not like I need History anyway, I mean sure, it's good to learn, but it's not . . . essential . . . to my life. But heck! I brought up my bio grade up like, 30 points in the las semester, and my geo grade, which is up to an A, up like, 35 points! So I hope those two skyrocketing will make up for the other one slipping coz of communism and terrorism.

Speaking of terrorism . . . I hate stupid preps who focus on nothing but themselves and cut down others to make thier stupid self centered butt rich selves feel better about themselves. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate people who are rich or preppy. I jus don't like it when it gets too outta hand and they are all spoiled or when they're constantly primping themselves coz they are freakin OBSESSED with what they look like. Dag, it's so annoying! So I am learning to avoid preps and avoid the guys who are . . . lets see . . . what did they say? Oh ya, 'in love' with them. Dag, you'd think after the first million insults they would leave. But no! They are sick animals who'll do anything to hang with them, even tho the preps are sick animals who cut others down (pretty far down, if I may say so, and even if you stay outta their way) to make themselves feel slightly better about themselves. Dag, I hate lack of otherness.

Aww, out rock candy that we made in bio and geo didn't work. Too bad, I was gonna take my jet black rock hard candy and put it inna showcase and charge people halfa nickel to see it. Ohh, tha'd be so cool! I bet tha'z how Bill Gates started out! I'm gonna hafta make wunna those jus coz I can. Wool if I can that is, lolz.

Oh, I got my permit, tha'z a good thing, but I can't go joyriding until I take my first driving lesson thing. I hope I drive better than I do on that Matrix game, coz if not, I'll total a car like, every five times I'm on the road. Of course tha'z assuming that I'm drivin 150 mph down the road swervin in and outta the lanes and dodging incoming dumptrucks and taxis, not to mention the cops right behind me shootin the heck outta my car, lolz. Hmm, maybe if I cut my speed in half and didn't go in the left side of the highway that would help a bit. Ya, I think I'll try that, lolz
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yellomoose Wow. But not in a good way Apr 5th, 2005 6:46:03 pm - Subscribe
Wool I found out a couple weeks ago that one of my teachers that I'm pretty tight with is gonna get laid off at the end of the year. I'm literally the only student who knows now, coz my dad is the chairman of the board and he trusts me with special stuff so I can prepare for them in advance. But with this, I almost wish he hadn't have told me. I had his class today, and he was a lil different, coz he knows, as well as the teachers. But none of the other students know, and their gonna announce it at chapel. So here I am, a lil bummed coz Mr. Bible's not gonna be here, and I see all the other people who aren't idiots and like him, and it's jus like, wow. It goes back to that whole 'ignorance is bliss' thing. Ah, bliss is kinda nice. And honestly, I don't care if I'm ignorant. Like that whole matrix situation, where the one guy made a deal to be reinserted into the matrix. It's like, who cares? You don't know it's not real, and you can't tell! So what difference does it make? Hmm, I dunno, it seems like I'm the only one who has that opinion to these days. And granted, I'm not like, an extremist or anything where I don't wanna know anything at all, but ya know, some things it'd be nice if I didn't know.
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yellomoose I\'m gettin tired of always havin to put subjects on every freakin blog. It gets old after a while, y Apr 7th, 2005 10:36:26 pm - Subscribe
Aww, there is a character limit on the subjects! Dagget! Wool I guess it's my turn to write in my blog, I haven't done it in at least forever long. Or maybe it's only been a few days, but it feels like a long time! Sooo . . . what happened today? Not much. Nothin actually. And I can't think of anything to write. Oh, we switched seats yesterday. In geo, at least I got away from that idiot prep who needs to be shot for mulitple reasons, one of which is coz you can smell her commin before you can see her. Dag, so much perfume/garbage! And I had to sit by her! For a whole freakin quarter! Wool I escaped her grasp, and got to move back a seat to the back row with my 9th grade buddy Garret grin.gif . So he's better than any freshman or any other idiots. So in bio I escaped the grasp of Cami, that one weirdo who calls me 'weiner'. And I moved away from Alex, the idiot freshman with a deathwish coz he went through my backpack and stole 35 cents and I caught him in the act of stealin a CD. Dag, I sooo wanted to beat him to a pulp that day. So I got away from them and got to sit by Garret again, and China! Yesssss! lolz! Ok, China is this girl I call China coz she was born in TX and moved to Africa for a couple years when she was little. So, I call her China! And you didn't miss somethin, tha'z pretty much the whole story, she didn't live in China, and she doesn't have no squinty eyes or nothin. So tha'z funny.

Oh, Mr. Bible is feelin good about bein laid off, he had over easter break to let everything sink in. So he's good about it now, and he wants to work at wunna the local christian colleges. It's so funny, coz since he's not gonna have his room next year, he's auctioning off all his stuff that he confescated from kids! lolz!! Jus stuff like this lil plastic kirby creature you get in kids meals (I bid on it, but stopped after the bidding raised up to $5, lolz) en then there's his guitar cases which are goin for like, $20, and tha'z jus after one day! Oh, and he said anything in his room is up for grabs, and that includes the licence plates on his wall and his 'Road Closed' sign! Yes! Oh, and his lava lamps! Yes!!

So ya, not much has gone on. Oh, I could talk about Megans party tommorrow night, but nah, I'll blog about it when I get back. Ok, bye my paisans and hosers!
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yellomoose Dag, I learned a lot! Apr 9th, 2005 10:59:36 am - Subscribe
Wool at least I think so. Ok, I think I said somewhere in something that I was goin to a party with Megan Hil Andrew Jenna and Tiffany. Maybe in an email to Amy, maybe in an email to Mary, maybe in the las blog I did, maybe in the msg board, I dunno, it's somewhere in some random computer jus takin up space . . . someone should delete it, lolz.

Wool it was . . . interesting, ya! So Andrew ditched me at the las minute to go play guitar with Cory at his house! Dag you, you fiend! *shakes fist* But it's ok, coz he gave me my gamecube to comfort me, lolz. But it's cool, coz I tried to get Michael to come, but he had a bass lesson. Pshh, ya right. But that was cool, coz I was the only guy there! Yesssss! It was very interesting! We were gonna go to cool April nights, but it rained and got canceled, so we didn't. We jus like, hung out at Megans house and talked and then played basketball . . . which was hecka fun coz I tower over all them . . . and talked and stuff and walked around the block a couple times and ate pizza. Pizza was meatlovers! Yes! Poor leah, lolz! It was good! So after that she opened her presents, and I got her a ska CD! Ya! Oh, and her card? It had a big picture of Elmo on the front and when you opened it, it said: LITTLE Elmo hopes your birthday is full of BIG suprises! lolz! Tha'z so random! So she got all this lotion and shampoo and make up and garbage, en then a ska CD! Heck yes! Then we played some stupid highschool/jr high game of truth or dare. Dag, I like it better when people do the truths coz then you learn a whole lot about them! Oh, and there is this year book where some people did some things that I am not at liberty to discuss, and they wouldn't tell me, I did the whole truth or dare thing, and so when it was my turn, I was like, ok megan. And she said dare. And so I said, I dare you to go get me the year book. And so she was like, no! Truth! And so I was like, ok, what's in the yearbook! Heck yes! So I found out and I didn't get all weirded out like they thought I would, lolz. Oh, and it was funny, coz I would sit like, in the corner and be quiet for a few minutes, and they would forget a guy was in the room and start talkin about what guys are hot and other stuff that they never talk about in front of me, and a few mins later, they would be like, 'oh shoot! Chad's here!' lolz!! So I learned a heck of a lot. Dag, they talked about who's hot all! Dag, don't you people ever talk about ANYTHING else? Dag! Michael, you shoulda been there!
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