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yellomoose Michael, if you ever see me, you\'d betta run like there\'s no yesterday! - Subscribe
DAG you Michael! DAG YOU!!!!!

Ok, so here we go . . .

So I decide to put this dinner and a movie thing together. So I invite Hil, Michael, and a few other ppl. But no one can come, cept Michael and Hil. So I'm like, ok w/e. But then, I arrive at Red Robin, and am standin outside with Hil, and allavasudden, I get a call from Michael, who says he can't go for some dumb reason involving a car accident or school or garlic or somethin like that. Gosh! What a dumb reason! So I'm like, ah crap, this sucks. Coz it did. I mean Hil is cool and all, i'z jus that like, if ANYONE from my school sees us together, they're gonna think we're goin out, and rumors will spread like mayonaise on potato bread. And if you don't wanna be seen, Red Robin and the Cinema aren't the best places to be on a Fri night. Dagget yo! So we're like, ok, maybe we won't be seen. haha ya right. So we walk in, and the FIRST person we see is Deidra. Talk about major crappage! Ok, Deidra is sister to Nathan, a guy with a rather large mouth, and daughter of our evil Eng teacher! So we're like, dagget yo, we're off to a great start, huh! So she's workin there, and she's the hostess person thing. So she grins at me and says Party for two? And I'm like Uh . . . ya. So we sit down and have dinner. And man, I can't emphasize how bad this looks. Ok, me, Megan, and Hil were all tight last year. Cept Megan had a bit of a crush on me. And Megan and Hil go back several years. So if Megan walked in and saw me'n Hil havin dinner alone, it would NOT be pretty. hahaha wow, that would not be good. At all. So we sit there for an hour and a half waitin for the movie to be close to starting so we don't hafta wait in line for hours. So this freshman (now sophomore) named Alex walks in. So this guy was one of the top three worst freshmen last year. Seriously, this guy spreads rumors like hecka fastish. So we walk out and see him and we're like, ah! Dagget!! So my mom drives us to the theatre. There, we see a few more ppl we know. So like, dagget! I wonder how many rumors are gonna start. AHHH Michael, I suggest you go into hiding or protective custody, or jus move to a different planet! DAG YOU FIEND! But ya . . . the night overall went good lolz, the movie and food was good. So ya . . . I'm gonna end this blog, even tho I have nothin better to do. Bye yall (except for Michael) wink.gif
Mood: bitter! ;)