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yellomoose So this is Elise... - Subscribe

Hi...this is Elise...and yeah, I basically hacked into Chad's Myspace 2night because he was on my computer at my house and forgot to sign out of myspace. (so that's how i hacked your myspace Chad.) Yea, so this is the evidence that I conquered Chad's myspace. By the way, when we played poker tonight, I basically dominated the entire game...but I think that it was mostly beginners luck because I don't know if it's normal to get three of a kind 3 times in a row. Anyway, I hope you likeyour new myspace Chad...I am AWESOME!!!

Mood: extatic

yellomoose Pirated Music and such... Aug 21st, 2007 2:05:41 am - Subscribe

So people have been wonderin why I deleted almost all of my itunes. Basically, because it is stealing, which is wrong. I don't really know what made me think about it. I guess it's one of those things where people's attitudes are somethin like... "Yeah, I know it's stealing, and I would hate it if someone did that to me, but I can get this stuff for free, and the artist wouldn't know, and it wouldn't really hurt them, and this stuff is so dang expensive, and I can't spend all my money on music, so I'm just not gonna think about it." The only thing is that the fact that I KNEW it was stealing kept entering my brain, particularly when I was journalling, and especially during worship. Ya know how freakin annoying that is?! Here I am, trying to worship God, and one of my buried sins keeps resurfacing. So during worship I was struggling with it, and this thought entered my mind... Choose: my few thousand stolen songs, or my relationship with Christ . So yeah, that was when I decided to obliterate 90% of my itunes. It kinda sucks, and I had to go buy a few CDs coz I couldn't bear to part with some of the music I stole, but my concience is clear, and there's nothin in the way of my relationship of God.

Mood: chipper