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yellomoose the past few dys of my life . . . - Subscribe
wool meh, I haven't blogged in a while lolz, and no one's online, so I guess I will. Oh! Las night!

Ok, so like, las night, I got kicked off the puter, so I was like, aww . . . coz that one other mexican (Danielle, cousin of THE mexican and the female version of Michael wink.gif ) So she's hillarious and she hadn't been on for a while (haha all weekend lolz) so I was bummed . . . then like an hour later she called me, so I was like, w00t! We finally get to talk! So we talked for a while . . . and I got a lil suspicious coz like, her voice would change slightly constantly, and she would ask the same questions she asked a while ago lolz. So I was like . . . hmm . . . then they both laughed and told me that Danielle and Liz was doin wunna them three way calls! So like, YA! I got to talk to the mexican online! grin.gif So we chatted for like an hour or so. haha they tried to beat my middle name outta me, and I wouldn't budge. Then they proceeded to manipulate, pressure, and bribe me to tell them, but to no avail! w00t! It was fun! haha so we's thinkin we's gonna like, go out to see a movie or somethin coz I haven't like, technically meeted Danielle, even tho we talk constantly online lolz. So that was fun . . .

The other day I talked to Amy on the phone for like an hour and a half or so, then Kat for like 2 hours, and that was after we had raided YR and posted a million times, and had IMed for like 3 hours lolz.

Las Fri my sister had her bday party, and so like, I was supposed to have Andrew over, but he DITCHED me at the las minute (dag you, you home town buffet manager who needed Andrew to work jus so he could miss ut on the bes day of his life!) so I called Michael and Cory and Josh and Alex and everyone I could think of and they either were busy or didn't answer the phone! Dagget! Wool I guess it was a lil late . . . lolz, like an hour before the party started. So I was alone and we went to the lake. And dag, there was white trash EVERYWHERE! I'm serious yo! Like, I locked myself in my own lil world (headphones and a gameboy) and whenever I would peek out and look up from my game boy, I'd see like . . . an incredibly pregnant woman in a skimpi bikini . . . a naked kid scamper away from his parents . . . or something white trash like that lolz. Oh, and before I put my headphones on, there was this incredibly large person chowin down on food, then went to sleep and started snoring! On the beach! I was like, WHAT THE BLOODY?! hah . . . so it was rather freaky. Until like 8 when all the white trash left and the only ppl left was me my parents and the 6 freshmen girls lolz. So we saw geese, deer . . . a bear, it was fun. Then we went home and me and my dad threw them around in a pool for hours on end lolz (it was all clean tho, we watched where we grabbed wink.gif ) So ya, that was bloody fun.

Work has been good, cept for the first day. It's been pretty mindless work, and when it is hard work, I rather enjoy it. So tha'z cool . . . my paycheck is like $270 a week without taxes. With taxes taken out, it's jus over $200. THAT SUCKS! Seriously! Out of the five dys a week I work, like, a whole day I am workin for Uncle Sam! Dag! I'm gonna turn comunist so I don't hafta pay taxes hehe wink.gif cool.gif

mexicans! grin.gif
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yellomoose Subjection! Jul 5th, 2005 11:05:35 pm - Subscribe
Ahhh . . . time to blog again. Ok, so like, I had work today. But it went on for like, forever. I worked for 10 bloody hours! But then again, who doesn't like a paycheck with lots of zeros? Actually I only have like 2 zeros on my paycheck. Dag you, minimum wage! But ya, I wanna go down to the Chico mall and blow it all lolz. But I'm not serious about it lolz, it jus sounds funny. Me? Blowin a buttload of money? Nah, I don't buy stuff unless I have to, and I usually think about it for a while (aka like, days lolz) before I buy it. So I don't give money away so scammers! Sue me! . . . GAH! I jus found out I hafta get up at bloody 5:15 tommorrow! Oh well, I'll be done with work by like . . . 2:30. Ish. Unless I work for 10 hours again like I did today, which I prolly wouldn't mind lolz. Today started out ok, then went hecka ugly, then I had a 10 min break, then I was all energized and it was good. lolz, we blasted classical rock as we drove back to the shop! It was so funny! I mean it's no ska or nothin, but it worked.

So like . . . ya . . . 2 mins till I get free phone mins. And I have no one to call. Cept that one person who called me earlier today who I have no idea who it is. Ya know how sometimes you look at a phone number and you're jus like, 'I know I know that number!' Then you can't remember where i'z from? Ya, tha'z me right now. I'z drivin me up the wall! But not up the wall and around the corner. I'z not that bad. So ya, I'm gonna go . . . do . . . something. Oh! I wanna vent first. I'll make it quick, I promise wink.gif

So like, I come home from a 10 hour day (which I am rather proud of if you didn't know) and I go off and watch tv for a while and stuff, and I go for the puter, but my sister is on it. And (according to my mom) she's spent quite a bit of time on it today. So she's like . . . 'wool give me 20 more mins. So I tell her she can have 5 mins, even tho I'm not required to give her any time at all. So she flips out and starts yellin at me! I was like, waaa?! I offered her extra time when my mom didn't offer her any! And she got mad at me coz I didn't meet her demands? Hmm . . . this has Aunt Flow ALL over it. Dag you, fiend! If I ever find you, I swear I'll . . . like . . . make you go away. Or something. Ya. Ok, bye yall.
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yellomoose Subject? Jul 16th, 2005 11:47:29 pm - Subscribe
whoa, there's like, two spaces up there where the subject used to be. Zesty. Wool . . . I'm not in the bes mood right now . . . rather bummed. Ok, majorly bummed. And irritated. Ok, so I'm bummed and irritated to the point of randomness. Pretty sad, eh? Wool I'm bummed coz I found out that Andrew can't make it to camp next week, and Michael prolly can't go either. There is a slight chance tho . . . dag I hope it works out. It's gonna be freakishly sucky if he can't lolz. So like, if he can, we're gonna have a Red Bull party the night before camp, then go to camp and be random and crazy and it'll be freakin awesome! If he can't . . . then I'm gonna hafta go to camp and be a loner type deal and it'll be hecka boring. I guess I could hang with those girls I made friends with las year (all 60 of em lolz) but that won't be NEARLY as fun. Dag, I'm so sick of girls right now!

Coz like my sister was talkin to this one guy on her IM, and she told me who it was and was talkin about how he only talks to her if no one else is on. Then she asked me what I thought of him. And I know this kid, and he's wunna them two faced losers who are angels around the adults, sweet guys around the girls, and pervs around the guys. And so I tell her that, and that I think he's an idiot and should be shot. THEN, she blows up on me and tells me that I must not know him if I think that, and tells me not to judge. Dag, she pulls that card on me constantly. So I threw it in her face, and she got mad and I got mad and stuff. But she should be over it by now, it happened a whole 14 mins ago. haha i'z funny how she gets over things so fast and how it takes me quite a bit longer.

So ya . . . I'm hecka bummed and slightly irritated. Gah! Why? WHY?! haha ya know how like, when something bad happens and it's like, super unlikely that it would happen but it did and you feel like you can do something to fix it coz there was like, no way it could happen but you don't know how coz there is no way to fix it? Ya, tha'z me right now lolz. AHHHHHHHH Life is a stupid head!
Mood: life jus sucks sometimes, eh?

yellomoose Desecration?! Jul 17th, 2005 10:59:43 pm - Subscribe
Hmm . . . I guess I'll blog. But it'll take me forever long, coz there's a mexican online. Hi Ella! haha see? I'z been 10 mins and look how far I've gotten! Ok, to make a long story short, I talked to Michaels mom, and she let him go to camp!!! W()()T! YES! hahahahaha i'z gonna be so fun! I'm like, hecka pumped! And I think I may smuggle some Red Bull too . . . shhhh don't say nothin, the camp counselors will shoot us! AHH! Killer camp counselors! Whoa . . . say that a zillion and a half times fast! AHHHHHH my sick cousin desecrated my beloved neckchain . . . may it rest in peace. Wool to make a long story short, she was trying to hijack the puter, and since I'm twice her size, she couldn't get me to budge (and I wasn't goin to neither! Lana and the mexican were online!). So she does all these hecka annoying things to me like taps me continually until I get annoyed and smack her, then she sprays me with the squirt bottle until I get irritated and smack her, then the she stole my neckchain, and I got ticked! Seriously, you don't touch the chain. So I went at her, and so she put it in her shirt! I was like, eep.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif WHY?! WHY?!?! Then, I was like, YOU WILL BE AVENGED!!!!!!! *craving for vengence* ahhhhhhhhh . . . no . . . . . . . *tear* . . . oh wait, lack of tear glands lolz . . . *dry heaves from eyes* . . . so sad . . .

Hmm . . . something to cheer me up . . . oh! 5 of the 20 ppl on my AIM list are blocked, tha'z pretty coo lolz. Oh! Michael is commin to camp! w00t! OH! I hafta replace my chain before then! hmm . . . should I destroy the chain or have a burial for it? *ponder* . . . what da yall think?
Mood: extreme saddness and pumpedness at the same time, dagget!

yellomoose *anger* Jul 21st, 2005 6:51:32 pm - Subscribe
Gah! Why are there so many idiots?! WHY?! I can't even get away from them during the summer!! Crap! Ok, so like, my cousin down from Southern Cal came up for the week. I think I already talked about what she did a few days ago . . . with the whole desecration of my necklace and trying to kick me off the puter (after my long day of work and her being on it like, the whole freakin day). So she went off to basketball camp for a few days. So she came back las night. And I was able to tolerate her for a while . . . but today she's really gettin on my nerves. She's jus a spoiled brat. Tha'z the only way to put it. She got mad at my parents coz they couldn't take us to go to the movies! Like, seriously mad! My moms ankle is sprained pretty bad, she's been on crutches for like the past week, and my dad is hecka busy runnin two businesses at once. And SHE wants my dad to take an hour or two out of his busy day to take her to the movies and meet all her ridiculous demands. Jus stuff like that that drives me up the wall. And around the corner. She was on the puter for 2 hours today, and she wouldn't let me on. She was up late partyin las night and kept me up for a while (when I had to get my sleep coz I had to get up at 4:30 for work), even after I asked them to turn the tv down. I was up at 4:30 for work, and when I came home at 11, she was still asleep. She tried to steal my sisters pajama pants. She will press and press until she gets what she wants, or until she gets hecka pissed (usually at me, coz I don't give in lolz). AH! I'z so retarded! The whole dang world does NOT revolve around you! She and my sister controled the puter and tv at the same time by saying 'oh, there's this guy that Angel is talking to that wants to commit suicide and there is this really good show on' which is stupid, coz the guy who wanted to commit suicide wasn't talking to my sister and cousin, they were talking to Angel. But there was a guy who wanted to supposedly (according to Angel) wanted to kill himself, so she has right to the puter. I would go tell my parents, but my dad is on the phone and my mom is taking a nap. Gosh, I hate when ppl are unfair and jus don't care. But heck, what am I supposed to do, pick them up and throw them off the puter? gah . . . sometimes ppl jus suck . . .
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