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yellomoose Why must the weekend leave me so soon? - Subscribe
Ah . . . it's nice to be on the puter agin. I haven't been on it for like a week. Dag thee Eng and Eng teachers! Ah, I've had so much hw the past week and stuff . . . ok, here's Fri . . .

Bible: Wool there's this thing called 'Christian Hero day' where we all dress up as a famous Christian and do a 2-5 min speech on their life. I was Billy Gram, but with my costume, I looked more like Al Capone lolz. And I hecka didn't mind people thinking I was in the mafia! w00t! So I was supposed to do mine in Eng class, but Mrs. Eng grades with an extreme lack of ease, so I was like, dag thee! But . . . we had extra time in Bible, and I was like, 'oi! I wanna go!' and he was like, 'ok, sure' and I went! And he grades hard to! My friend Nick got a 96 and did a crappy job, and I did a uber good job and got an 88! No fair! But w/e. At least I didn't hafta go in Eng . . . prolly woulda gotten a C, lolz

His: we did more speeches and I was bored outta my mind

ASL: we did more speeches and I was bored outta my mind

Geo: We got a butt load of hw and I was bored outta my foot. And I talked to some mexican, so w00t!

Eng: We did more speeches and I was bored outta my mind

Bio: We did more speeches and I was bored outta my mind. And I talked to some mexican, so w00t!

Geography: We took a test, and I did good. And I learned that the grand canyon was in Arizona!

So after that I had try outs for the talent show (did I mention I was in a talent show in a band with my electric guitar? w00t!). Then I hung with Cory for a while, then went home and played video games for a couple hours, then at 8:30, I went to bed. Buuuut, I didn't fall asleep till like midnight.

So I got up at 5 to go to marine world for a school function, and I was like, tired. It was funny, we got to school and there was like over 50 people there! Dag! Tha'z like, a world record! We never have half that to any school function, except for the winter banquet, which ppl used to date eachother. And the food tasted like garbage, so w/e.

Wool I got to talkin to Hil, and she asked me to hang with her since Megan couldn't make it, coz her dad's bein an idiot. So I did, coz I didn't wanna ditch her and make her hang with Bethany, who's obsessed with being in the cool group. Seriously, all she does is talk about how she's ugly and fat, and how she wants to be in the cool group, and how the cool group is mean and stupid. But tha'z kinda weird, coz tha'z all she wants to hang around. Like if she saw them at marine world, she would ditch us for them. But we didn't mind that, coz she's freaking annoying! And she's obsessed with who likes who, and has a mouth the size of TX. So that was cool, cept for the fact that rumors got spread faster than goldfish in napalm fluid. Jus stupid stuff like 'Hil and Chad are goin out' and stuff like that. But other than that, it was zesty! And we hung with the Mexican for a while too! w00t! Oh, and I had a Monster and a Red Bull! W00T! Yay yay yay! Dag, I was hecka hyper at the park!

So I was tired at the ride home. And Jai's online, and I wanna talk to her coz I'm tired of emoblogging, so bye paisans!
Mood: tired, good

yellomoose Weekend is here! May 6th, 2005 3:50:06 pm - Subscribe
Ahh . . . wool I guess I will blog agin . . . even tho no one important commented in my las blog cry.gif but ok, here it goes.

Wool this week has been ok. Cept for on tues, Mrs Bio/Geo was feelin pregnant, so she gave me a detention for bein outta my seat! And it's not like I was doin anything, and neither was the rest of the class, we didn't have any hw or anything! And it's not like I was messin around, I was sittin by ppl talkin, and she's like *dinosaur voice* 'Grah! I warned ye! Go to your seat, here's a detention for the road!' So I'm like . . . um, no, you didn't warn me. And she's like, 'Grah! Hecka ya I did! Go back to your seat!' So I was annoyed that she gave me one . . . so I ditched it the first time lolz. But I had an excuse! She wasn't there, and since I never get detentions, I didn't know what to do! So I was like, w00t! *ditch* So w/e . . . but she made me come back the nex day. But w/e . . . it was still fun rebelling! So that was annoying, then there were a few other stupid things she did to me that I already vented about to my parents and they were on my side. So I'm not the one messed up, it's her! Dag her! ARG! So ya, tha'z my Mrs. Bio vent for this blog.

So . . . what else happened? Not much. oh, guess what time we got out today! 12:03! lolz, tha'z so messed up! but I don't mind lolz, it was fun. We did nothin in any classes, except for Eng, and Mrs Eng was feeling evil, so we had a mondo happy (fatty massive) quiz . . . which I was angry at, coz I only got an 88 when I wanted a 96! Dag it! Whoa, tha'z like Dagget, except it's Dag it! w00t! oh, btw I heard the word mondo somewhere . . . it means very . . . unless you say mondo happy . . . coz that means big . . . so you hafta say mondo jubilant or mondo zesty! So that was interesting.

aww dagget, the mexican jus signed off! wool I guess progress on this blog will quadruple. Oh, speaking of her, we did hw online the las 2 nights for like an hour! w00t! It was so nice! And we've talked every day this week. ahh . . . life is so wacked. Oh, my sister is in this jr hi play, and I saw it Tues, and it was really good! So it's on agin tonight, and the mexican and that other mexican is gonna be there! Like, flippin w00t! Oh that other mexican is Michael, my Red Bull/Bass/Guitar partner. So thi'z gonna be so fun! w00tfist! lolz, mosta the time when I spell that, my dyslexia gets me and I spell it w00tfish. lolz! Aw crap, my staulker (one of them . . . or two I think) is gonna be there too. Dagget! *torchured sigh* So ya, I'm done. Don't ask me why, no one's on, but I'm bored with this blog and so I'm off. Bye important ppl who hopefully read my blog!
Mood: mondo jubilant

yellomoose I flippin HATE jealousy May 7th, 2005 11:42:53 pm - Subscribe
It's jus sooo messed up. So . . . Fri night was interesting. I went to the play with michael, which was mondo w00tfist. So we set stuff up and stuff, jammed on our guitars for about 30 mins. It was w00ty! lolz! w00ty! So what does this have to do with jealousy? I'm gettin to it . . .

So we went down to the entrance (which is on the way to where we stashed out guitars) and we see Megan and Hill . . . and I wasn't to thrilled about that, coz I haven't seen Michael in mons and we wanted to jam on our guitars in the second grade class room. So we talked for a while, then allavasudden, the mexican walked by. Liz, my crush, not Michael. Coz Michael is mexican too. So she said hi and I said hi and she walked off and I got a big ole smile on my face like I usually do. So Megan and Hil usually laugh when they see this, but tonight, Megan jus rolled her eyes. Noticeably. So I'm like, whoa, what was that about? And she said it was nothin.

So Michael and I (dodging my two staulkers) helped set up summore, then when the play started, Megan and Hil found us, and we sat in the back. Megan said a few sarcastic things about the mexican (Liz, not that other mexican), including somethin about how she had some huge (not jus big, but mondo happy type) crush on this other freshman guy, but she didn't wanna tell me who, coz she was 'sworn to secracy' and she was afraid I would get jealous. Which is BS, esp considering all the crap I hafta go through with Alex bein jealous coz Megan likes me. So I didn't push, one, coz I don't push if someone doesn't want me to know somethin, and two, coz it's a rumor, which I don't mess with. Heck, rumors and gossip has humiliated me enough this year. Dag, I hate havin my whole life public. Actually it's not my life, what is said and what is true is 90% of the time way different. But w/e. So where was I? Oh ya, so she was dissed the mexican several times durin the night, and finally after the play, she did it again, and so I asked her what was up. Coz even tho she told me she would never get jealous, and hasn't in the 6 mons or so, this really looks like jealously. So I asked her about it, and she said 'I'm jealous, but I'm not jealous.' So I'm like . . . ok . . . explain . . . and she told me that she wasn't in the mood. So I'm all confuzzled about wha'z goin on. I'm wonderin if like, she really jus doesn't wanna talk about it or if she hasta think of an excuse or if she wants to wait for the weekend to be over to . . . cool off her jealously or somethin. So . . . ya . . . tha'z pretty much it. Oh ya, about my mood? I can't say I'm sad, coz I'm really not. I can't say I'm angry, coz it's more of a frustration. But even more than frustration, I'm jus . . . disgusted. I hate jealousy. Heck, I don't think I've ever had any jealousy whatsoever with the mexican, and even if I had, I woulda shot it down right away. Coz when girls get jealous of me, I get weirded out. So ya, I'm not sure what to do with this one . . . I've been wantin to spend less time with Megan, but I haven't been to sure where to go. But ya . . . things between Megan and I will not be the same . . . and it's interesting, coz I'm actually kinda relieved. No more rumors, no more teasing, no more harassment from Alex (I hope), I think it'll be better this way. Like, spendin less time with her. So ya, I feel . . . disgusted . . . and kinda betrayed to, coz she said she wouldn't get jealous. And I'm not sure what to end this blog with . . . so . . . *ends the blog*
Mood: my mood? I'll explain in the blog . . .

yellomoose My day, and Marine World May 9th, 2005 11:32:28 pm - Subscribe
wool today was pretty good . . . periods were zesty and some were crappy lolz. So . . .

First period was Bible, and I was bored outta my mind, and we did nothin.

His class: It was zesty! It wasn't too boring, and we switched seats. And we get to choose where to sit, then we sit there for the rest of the quarter. So Mr His wants everyone in the front, right? So all my friends fill up one row, so I'm like, ok . . . I guess I'm prolly screwed and am gonna end up sittin by some idiot or prep. So I don't care where I sit for the most part if I don't get to sit by my friends. So I go sit in the back . . . along with 3 other ppl. So to make a long story short, it's a 25% chance that I'll get to stay in the back with no one to bother me, and I get it! w00t!

ASL: it was fun, we did sign language more lolz suprise suprise

Geo: the explanation on how to do the hw wasn't too short and I got all my hw done! w00t! No geo for 2 dys! OH! And I talked to mexican ppl for a while, that was awesome.

Eng: Dag thee! We did a hw paper, and we got all A’s and B’s on it, and she didn’t collect it! Why? Coz she didn’t feel like it. So then we took a quiz, and we all bombed it, and so what does she do? She collects it! DAGGET! That is so messed up! I swear, she’s like, tryin to make us fail or somethin! Seriously! Why couldn’t she collect the hw and not the quiz?! Wool this is jus one of the continual issues I have with her . . . like I had a 79.7 in her class, and she wouldn’t bump it up to an 80 for the progress report. And that hw that I did that I got an A on woulda bumped it up to a B-. But no, guess what? She decided to plug in a quiz that everyone failed! Is it jus me (and the rest of the ppl in my class who care about our grades) who is mental, or is our Eng teacher jus plain evil?

So . . . then we had lunch, and I went up to Mr. Bible’s classroom coz he had a buncha stuff up there for free and I went and raided his room and walked away with some alien action figure with a gun that looks more like a video camera, and this squeejy type deal (a bendy guy on a surf board) and a Pillar poster. lolz, I don’t even like Pillar that much, but the poster looked awesome! So I put it in my locker. And my camera man and squeejy type deal are both on my desk, beside my Yoda, cap gun, and Moose mug. So I was playin with my action figures all through my classes (flippin sue me if I still play with toys once in a while!!!). oh wait, I got them durin bible. But I’m too lazy to put it up there, so w/e.

The real lunch: Megan and I worked out some jealousy issues she has, and she says she’s better. Which is good, coz I don’t like bein around jealous ppl at all. Then I talked w/ Mr Principle (I don’t care what the preps jocks and trouble makers say, the guy’s awesome) about whether or not we’re gonna have an honors eng and basic eng class nex year, and he talked about how he wanted to get together with Mrs Eng over the summer and check out what’s goin on, coz he’s hearin about how hard it is more and more, so he wants to see what’s up in Eng classes. So hopefully he’ll realize how FREAKING HARD is and straighten Mrs Eng out a lil and introduce her to the concept of my friend ‘grace’. Ah, that would be nice.

Bio: We talked about the marine world trip we’re goin on a week from Fri, then worked on a concept map for a while. I’ll talk more about the marine world trip at the end.

Geography: we talked about Islam, Saudi Arabia, and some other stuff I don’t care about lolz, it was kinda interesting tho.

Ok, so about the trip to Marine World: it’s jus for Bio class, a class with about 25 or so freshmen, and 6 or 7 sophomores. In order to go, you hafta have a 70% or higher in her class, which is no problem for me, I could drop over 10% and still go. So le’z see . . . Tom and Ben are both idiots, and if I hung with them, I wouldn’t enjoy the day at all. So I can’t say I was dissapointed when they couldn’t go coz they don’t do their labs and were failing. David is a jock/idiot, and can’t go coz he’s got like a 44%. Miles is a jock/IDIOT and can’t go coz he has like a 37% in her class (they have big mouths, so the whole class knows when the say ‘I HAVE A 44%?!’ lolz!. Savanah and Kaitlyn are both preppy losers who I CAN’T STAND, but I doubt that they’ll be goin coz of they’re grades. Then there’s Danielle and Cami. They are both jocks, but they spread rumors like there’s no tommorrow, and they prolly were the ones who spread the one about how me and Hil were goin out (heck, we spent the day at marine world together a few mons ago coz I didn’t wanna ditch her and leave her all alone with this other loser. And they come up with me goin out with Hil? Weirded out!). So after spreadin that rumor, they wouldn’t wanna hang with me at marine world, coz then someone might spread a rumor that I’m gon out with them or somethin lolz, ppl are pathetic. And that covers all the Sophomores. There are half the freshmen that are goin that aren’t failing that I could hang with, but all they talk about are sex and video games, so no. Oh, I didn’t mention Andrew! He’s like, my friend in the class, so I wanna hang with him, but he has a 64% in her class, so he has 4 days to get it up 6% . . . not likely. I would ask my dad to go, but he’s gonna be at camp with my sister. So I’m like, aww crap! So I’m stuck. I could not go and choose school and Eng class and the make up assignment . . . but I doubt it’ll be easy. Heck, it’s for all the ppl who are slackers and don’t do their work! Why would she make the assignment easy? At least I wouldn’t. But tha’z jus me. So . . . I’m stuck. I’m not sure what to do. Arg! What would you ppl do?

*two hours later*

sry ppl I had to finish on the lappy coz other ppl wanted on the puter. So I finished, then called Andrew up and told him to get his grade up, and he said he was 90% sure that he could. So tha'z mondo jubilant. Dag, wha'z with all these dagged percent signs? I have like, a butt load of them up there!
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yellomoose haven\'t blogged in forever May 16th, 2005 11:23:38 pm - Subscribe
Wool ya, I haven't blogged in at least forever long . . . and neither has MICHAEL for that matter . . . I should call him up and yell at him. But no, coz then we'll get into a 2 hour convo about ducks and cellulite and I won't be able to study grammar. Dag ye. So . . . about my week.

The weekend was kinda a waste, coz on Fri, I had to mow the lawn, then on Sat I worked for like 9 hours doin icky chores. But on Sun, I only had a few hours of chores, and so I absorbed the internet and video games for the rest of the day. But the whole weekend went by mondo speedily, so I was bummed about that. Then there was today.

Bible: I was flippin bored outta my mind.

His: I was flippin bored outta my mind.

ASL: I felt like crap, and I was bored outta my mind.

Geo: I felt slightly better than crap, and I did a lotta hw that was confusing since I got 6 hours of sleep.

Eng: it sucked, as usual, and we read more world literature for 30 mins, stupid stuff about Silas Marner, some freak who has yellow skin and fingernails coz all he does is sit inside his house and obsess over his gold. I hate that class . . . I really do.

Lunch: I went off and journalled, and I felt like an extreme lack of crap! w00t!

Bio: we rushed through the digestive system of humans, and it was kinda interesting, aside from all the freakishly long names . . . epigglotus . . . stuff like that. Heck, I dunno how I'm gonna do well in this section if I can't even pronouce the names lolz.

Geog: We talked more Saudi Arabia and Yuman and Omar. We got to butcher Arab names ans stuff, so it was kinda fun.

Theeeeen, I went home, and we went to this Italian eat-all-you-can-feast. The food was pretty darn good (heck, you can't beat Italian . . . cept with mexican grin.gif ) but they were playin some opera music, and so I was about to put a tommygun to the speakers or somethin lolz. Then we went home and I vented to Megan on the phone for 11 mins, then I talked to Alex for 27 mins (heck, I enjoy looking at the screen and knowing how long I talk to ppl! It's funny when I'm talkin to Michael about lactic acid and setting orange glo aflame, and I look at the screen and it says 2:09:35 or somethin like that lolz, that kid is so funny.) But anyways, before that mondo happy parenthical paragraph, I was talkin to Alex, and that guy is hilarious! Seriously! He's talkin about how he's gonna switch to public school, and how when he comes to visit us next year (don't forget, this is innocent lil Alex) he's gonna be all gothic and stuff and carry wunna them chain thingies with the spiked ball on the end! Then I'm gonna whip out my Samauri sword and it's gonna be Kill Bill all over again! LOLZ!! Dag! That kid is sooo random! Like, he's gettin up there with me and Michael! Ah, so the las few days have been crappy, but the past . . . 8 hours have been good. Dag, this dyslexia is startin to get naughty! I hate typing! It's so hard! I have spelled 3 cuss words just in this blog! DAGGET! I'm afraid that I will do it again and not catch myself. So . . . if I suddenly develope a sailors mouth, give me some slack!
Mood: emoblogish