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yellomoose Cost of Soda vs Gas - Subscribe
Yeah yeah yeah. I totally know what you're thinking (esp Alex haha). "Gas prices are so expensive!" Now you're prolly thinking "Oh, wool gas is one of the cheapest liquids, ounce per ounce, we jus consume it more than anything" Am I right? I am here to tell you that you are WRONG. Wool not about us consuming gas more than anything. Dang, if you consumed more soda than gas you'd be pretty much dead. Either that or you'd be like, one of those agoraphobias who like, are afraid of the sun. haha... "Ooh, is that apple juice?" But anyways....

So ya, I went to 7/11 and got wunna those 64 oz "BIG GULPS" as they call it, and my dad paid for my first one. Now if you keep the cup, they only charge you like half price(ish). Also, they don't always make you pay for it, they'll jus say have a nice day when you go up to the counter and tell them it's a refill.

So... I went in the first time, and they said have a nice day, and I left. The second time I went in, they charged me 89 cents. I went in again later (that same day actually haha) and got another one and they gave that one to me for free. I jus went out tonight and got another one for free. So I got 4 sodas. I paid for 1 soda. 1 soda is 64 oz (half gallon), and I got 4, for the price of one, which means I got 2 gallons of soda for 89 cents. Therefore, each gallon was... *grabs my TI-86, which is basically a step below Jesus* $0.00347 per ounce, or $0.445 a gallon. Gas is $3.29 or somethin a gallon. WOW. Soda is hecka cheap if you know where to get it.

Another note... I had 2 in one day. I had half gallon of Mountain Dew and half gallon of Pepsi in ONE DAY. Note that my urine was bright florescent yellow. Like seriously, it looks like in those cartoons where like, there's like, some pot of gold or something and there's like, rays of light shining out of the pot. Cept the gold was my urine and the pot was... my pot. So ya, that basically made my day.


yellomoose Wow. Oct 21st, 2006 3:33:43 am - Subscribe
Monday, May 29, 2006

Wow. God is pretty much freakin awesome.

So yeah... I was writin in my prayer journal tonight... and like.... I gotta be honest, I really don't read the Bible much. I try to write in my prayer journal everyday tho. So like, I've always known I should read my Bible, blah blah blah, but I never really got around to it. So tonight I kinda felt lead to read the Bible. Dunno why it was tonight. So it was funny... basically I flip through random pages in the New Testament, and I come upon this:

10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.

I've read this a hundred times in church, at school, heck, in the first grade I memorized this whole thing for the speech meet. The main thing that caught my eye was the last half of verse 17. Take up the Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. So I get this picture of like... this soldier guy runnin around like a chicken with his head cut off, without a weapon. Just a shield. Then I think, wait a sec, tha'z not very good in battle I suppose, eh? I mean sure, he can defend himself and stuff, but as far as advancing into enemy territory, he's pretty much useless. So ya, I'm pretty sure I'll be readin my Bible a hecka lot more. And it didn't end there either! I continued to read outta 2nd Thes and stuff, and I got a buncha other good stuff too! Stuff like be patient with people (not a habit of mine), respect those in authority, consider everyone above yourself (walk in other peoples shoes... again, not a habit of mine), and a buncha good stuff like that. I looked up, and before I knew it, a whole HALF HOUR had gone by! I was like, whoa. I jus got into this! So ya, I figured I'd hop on myspace and tell yall how AWESOME I AM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eh... if any of you people wanna keep me accountable with readin the Bible... tha'd be cool! And I can return the favor if you'd like. cool.gif



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yellomoose Work and Stuff... Oct 21st, 2006 3:34:37 am - Subscribe
Yeah yeah... for those of you who don't know (basically almost of you actually) I got a job. It's at Churn Creek Car Wash. It's basically AWESOME. k, so basically here's how it goes: Person A greets the customer while person B sprays bug juice on the front of the car and sprays the other side and the back down with water. Person A wraps up with the customer and spray their side, grab a brush, and scrub thier side, while Person B brushes his side, the back, and usually the hood. Person A and B finish at about the same time, and one of them works on the bugs on the bumper, mirrors, and windshield, while the other works on the rims. Then Person A guides the previous car out of the car wash machine thing while person B sprays off the back, and guides the first car into the machine thing, then it starts all over.

So ok, I work with Jesse, Nick, Thomas, and Kyle. I worked with the first 3 for my first three days. They're awesome and I love workin with em yada yada yada. Since I'm a newbie (or however you spell that), they don't have to split tips with me because supposedly newbies are in the way more than anything. But aparently i have this.... gift.... haha for washin cars, coz I work my butt off and they all split tips with me. So my first three days were great, Mon and Tues I made like 3 bucks an hour in tips, Wed I made 6 bucks an hour JUST IN TIPS. Pretty sweet. I walked home with 35 bucks in my pocket. In tips. It made me very very happy, and I took Hilary to see a movie that night lol.
So day four comes around (yesterday) and I go to the car wash and stuff. I work for the first hour and a half with Jesse, we worked our butts off, split tips, and I got 7 bucks, which wasn't bad good coz it was kinda a slow day. Then Jesse leaves, and I work with kyle. Holy crap. That guy is the biggest asshole. Seriously dude. He would give me so much crap about the littlest things. Like he started complaining about how I was doing short strokes with my brush and how I needed to do long strokes. I tried that, but it didn't work as well, so I went back to the short strokes. He jumped on me for it and I basically said that my way worked better for me, which kinda pissed him off. EVERYTHING he said to me was sarcastic. Dale had me work on this excel spreadsheet with jesse, and kyle came in and said "hey chad, we don't play on the computer, common, get to work" Jesse jumped on him tho, so that was cool.
Jus a side note... kyle's supposed to be the computer guy or w/e. But since I used the same program in yearbook all year long, I know how to do everything literally twice as fast as he does, which also ticks him off. He's kinda chunky too, so and he doesn't wash cars nearly as fast as most people, so I was goin faster than him, which ticked him off and made him look like a slacker. He told me to do a few things that my boss told me not to do, and told me not to do a few things my boss told me to do, and when I said "hey umm... my boss told me I wasn't supposed to do that..." He'd say somethin along the lines of "well I don't give a f*** about dale". So I dunno. Like I wanna say somethin to dale, but I have no idea how to do it or what to say or how not to look like a tatle tale. Also, he made me do all the dirty work, like clean out the vaccuums (trust me, it's a crappy job), and in the end, after I worked twice as hard as he did and did all the dirty work, he didn't split the tips with me. He also kinda takes pride in bein a jerk too. he mentioned to me "yeah, I'm pretty much the biggest pain in the ass to work with around here... I have basically no patience, I'm suprised they didn't warn you. You'll learn to deal with it" Yeah... great team player. So yeah, everything about the carwash is great, cept for the part with I'm workin with him bout 1/3 of the time, which SUCKS. most of the guys treat me like, a team player and teach me stuff and stuff. He basically treats me like his personal piss on slave. It sucks.... so yeah, I have no idea how I'm gonna talk to my boss about his. So yeah, there's my work life for ya. It's good money, hard work, and good people.... for the most part.
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yellomoose Work and Such Oct 21st, 2006 3:35:36 am - Subscribe
Dude, I had the awesomest day at work the other day. Seriously. I mean sure it was kinda slow and stuff, but I was not bored. Ever. It was awesome. It went somethin like this...

So I get to work and sign in, and the first car we wash gives us a $15 tip, which is freakishly huge, esp considering that our most expensive carwash is less than half that. So that was cool.

Then this guy in a blue (at least I think it was blue...) corvette thing came through. So we tell him to put his antenna down, and he does. A few seconds later, he puts it back up. So we're like, what the heck, you idiot? So we tell him to put it down again, and he does. Then we take him into the garage thing, and we start to wash the next car. So I hear this certain click that the carwash makes whenever it's time for me to guide the car out, so I go guide him out, and his antenna had snapped. So he put it up again. After I told him not to. Twice. So I was basically like aha! Sucks for him! But then he parked his car and started cussin us out, even tho there's a fat sign that says ANTENNAS DOWN, as well as one that says DUE TO THE WIDE VARIETY AND CONDITION OF VEHICLES, CARWASH IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO VEHICLES. So the guy in the corvette made up some story about how I lead him out while the carwash was still goin and it made his antenna snap. Me and the other worker figured it out, and basically we would have had to lead him out over a full minute early, and lead the next car in while it was in the middle of the waxing cycle. And since neither of us was covered in wax, his story basically was a load of crap. So yeah, that was pretty sweet.

Then these two gay guys came in and got out and watched us wash their car... they were all like..... . And I was all like.... . dag, they need an smily that shoots his face off. So yeah, that wasn't overly pleasant.... they didn't even tip us either.

Ah, here comes the best part. I jus love teenage drama, ya know? So yeah, these two girls came in to wash their truck. Then these 3 guys came in, and flirted with the two girls. So yeah, they all giggled for about a half hour or so while they washed thier truck and stuff. So I leave for like, 20 seconds, and come back, and wow. I totally missed somethin good. The girls were screamin and cussin at one guy and the one guy was screamin at both of them, and oh man, you guys shoulda seen it! I caught a bit of the convo (actually the whole thing, along with everyone else at the carwash with as loud as they were) and it went something like this:
BF: "I didn't F*** her!"
GF: "Yes you did! She told me!"
BF: "Wool she's F*** lying!"
GF: "Why would she F***ing do that?!"
BF: "I don't know!"
GF: "I KNOW you F***ed her!"
BF: "I didn't! F*** her!"
GF: "You did F*** her!"
BF: "FINE! Only one F***ing time!!"
GF: "Wait, you DID F*** her?!?!"
BF: " Oh F***."
GF's Friend: "Now jason, if you do it one F***ing time, it's still technically f***ing her"
BF: *grabs GF's purse/arm*
GF: F***********!!!!!!!!!
BF: F*** you, B****!!
GF: Get the F*** off my F***ing purse you F*** A** (whoa, never heard that one before )
BF: F F F F F F BOMB *runs off to his car with purse, jumps in, peels out of the carwash*
GF: *bursts into tears*
Me, in the background, outta sight:

So yeah, that was my awesome day at work. 8P My life is awesome!!
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yellomoose Life lately... Oct 21st, 2006 3:38:12 am - Subscribe
Saturday, October 21, 2006

So I figured it's been too long since I've blogged, and I need to do another one. And heck, what else am I gonna do after I had 2 mountain dew energy drinks (is it just me or does that seem redundant?) and I can't sleep.

So... today was awesome. School went by as usual. There was a blood drive (actually, that's not so usual is it?). I was bummed that they couldn't stick needles in my veins because I went to Central America over the summer, so I have to wait a whole year to watch my blood be sucked from my arm. Dag, that means no shirts or movie tickets. But it was enjoyable making fun of people who were nervous about it. lol. I got my blood tested at least a dozen times while I was on accutain, and after the first 4 or 5, I couldn't even feel em stick the needle in. By the 6th time, it was a pleasant experience. I mean cummon, it's not every day you get to see blood squirt into a tube right in front of you. It's better than TV I tell you. So that was sweet.

We got to ditch 7th period (PE, oh joy.) because we went to this thing called rocknasium. Its basically this thing where you go and hook up to ropes and stuff and you climb on rocks and repel down and stuff. My arms are 'freakishly long' as they put it, so climbing up rocks is a breeze for me, even when you go at a slant that works against you. Oh, and I was the only guy 8D. So that rocked. hah, get it? ROCKnasium. Holy crap. I've been spendin way too much time in Senior History. So anyways, the muscles in my forearms have death in them. That is, they are sore. OH and my veins hecka popped out when I was climbing. It was sweet! I'll prolly have some pictures soon. Of us climbing, I mean, not of my veins. Hey, maybe my veins too. Ya never know. So that was today, and it was fun. I need to do a philosophical blog soon. I'm feelin one of those commin on.

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