Day 43: Life as usual
Date: Feb 6th, 2009 12:50:26 am - Subscribe
Mood: peaceful

Today was nice. I got out of class early and ran up to the bluff, where I took dozens of pictures. The sky was beautiful today. It was a bit rainy, and very cloudy and windy. As I stood on that cliff, I felt at one with God. Viewing his creation, standing in the wind and rain... it puts me at such peace. I feel so close to Him when I just worship Him in His creation.


I went to work at 5. Dana must have talked to Ashleigh (her best friend) or something because she walked over to me and asked me how I was. We talked for a bit, and it was good.

I told Dana when we talked that I didn't want to turn into another Matt. Matt is her ex fiance, who is still desperately trying to get her back, even though he is in the Air Force, gets drunk frequently and has 1 night stands, etc. I didn't want to be another creepy ex boyfriend. Though it pains me that it didn't work out between us, the fact that this is what I needed is as blatant as His love and compassion right now.

I was listening to worship music in my car today. I started praying for Dana, and He told me to stop. Be at peace, for it is in My hands, He said. I want her to come to Christ. I've been praying for her daily. I've done everything I can. The rest is up to Him.

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