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September 4, 2008 - Thursday

Flooding my system (semi-accidentally) with 152g of sugar (o.O) and who knows how much caffeine has put me in a state of insomnia. Curse you, Mountain Dew!

I'll try not to make this too rant-ish.

I've been meditating upon an idea for a few months now… "You'll never find someone who's perfect for you, simply because no one is perfect."

Pessimism aside, this seems to me the only realistic possibility. Call me cold, but I laugh at the idea of a knight in shining armor sweeping up a princess and carrying her off into the sunset to live happily ever after. This scenario exists solely in fairytales and in Hollywood. Never in real life. Real relationships have ups and downs and take work.

Humans aren't perfect. We make mistakes. We have bad habits. How can you ever find "that one person" who is "perfect" for you if that person can (and eventually will) hurt you? This is what I think:

Teenagers blow all emotions out of proportion, especially love (aka infatuation). Hollywood
and the music industry doesn't help in the least.

Love and sex are directly linked, but do not depend upon each other to exist. Again,
Hollywood and the music industry doesn't help.

Love doesn't develop in a week, a month, or a year.

"Love" is the most tossed around word in America. Few examples: I love my mom. I love
pizza. I love my girlfriend of 3 weeks. Catch my drift?

People think they fall "in love" and end up falling "out of love" just as fast. Thus, the 50%
divorce rate.

Forget The Titanic. Forget Cinderella. Prince Charming is dead. Learning to accept people
AND their flaws is lasting, mature love.

There are thousands of people who are compatible with your character,

You would be happy marrying any one of them,

And not a single one of them is "perfect" or "perfect for you."

I know nothing of love; I will be the first person to admit that. These are just my opinions, and you are welcome to ponder them or reject them. I'm curious though. Do comment. Ten years from now I may laugh at my own foolishness. Who knows.
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samaeonity - February 01st, 2009
i remember falling into the same thought pattern a little while ago. it isn't a nice place to be. when i started thinking that, i was also falling out of christianity and lost faith in everything; i dropped my passions with music and bodyart because i saw no point. but then i kind of realized the point is that it makes you happy for a little while in between intervals of duller monotony; exactly the misunderstanding of relationships! i think it's good to recognize the unrealistic portrayal (and general complete overratedness!) of things like infatuations. people change; you can't hold onto a constant your entire life. but its just as good to be completely aware of the power of attraction and bonds with people. sometimes you just find somebody you're sincerely happy with, and though it mightn't be perfect or everlasting or even entirely conventional, i hope you find it and love it while it lasts.



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