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yellowboy The Future. - Subscribe
I remember this one part of a summer I had where I just laid on a couch and walked around for three days; there was nothing for me to do. The videogames were all played through (nothing I had was indie), the computer was moved downstairs and being wiped (goodbye Game Maker!) so I had that few hobbies. Perhaps that's just pathetic? It was.

I can't imagine my fantasy-self in a company, in the future, nor can I imagine myself imagining myself there, too. I think that I'd like to work on a laptop outside, on a nice pine porch (were you expecting yellowwood? so was I) and with a scenic mountain feel. A place cool and laid-back, far from this hot and deranged place. You go inside and WOW! the walls are well-decorated and painted over, with great entertainment technology and some amazing computer. Life on my own is wonderful, and maybe I'd have some friends over, on occasion, to have a party (or a mountain-bike club, kind of like the Holowkas and their friends).

This isn't the only fantasy that I had. The dreams ranged from incredibly great to tragically terrible. I find it hard to realistically see myself in a home unless I wrote a real hit winner.

I waste our time with this entry.
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yellowboy Learning. Jun 19th, 2009 4:05:45 pm - Subscribe
I really like j_godley's blog. It's funny and actually talks about things that are interesting. I hardly care about choosing an eye doctor (although the advice could come in handy) or how God is like a father to us (I mean, that's pretty much the first lesson that you learn about God. Why blog about that?)

My first task is to learn Javascript. The basics take forever to get through, about forty minutes, page by page, but you realize that you're pretty much blasting through it, even the objects section, with ease. It makes me confident enough to actually go back and learn all of the functions and little details before I get cracking on the Advanced section. After that, it's PHP, then MySQL. I promised somebody I would get through the whole thing in a matter of days. I'm starting to believe that I can actually meet that promise.

You can learn C++ in a week. You can learn most of the social morales in a matter of minutes, etc. The craziest thing about schools is that they take what you could learn in a tiny amount of time, and they stretch the lessons out so that you learn a simple little thing a day. I know a little Java, but in those months, I'd imagine that I'd be able to get through it on my own and cover a ridiculous amount of other languages. Within a year, I could have so much knowledge that I could do something amazing with simply that. It's crazy to see so many people with years of experience in just one language. Why is expertise measured in time, and not expertise?

At this point, I know more about programming than a vast majority of America, but I'm one person in a tiny grey area between a know-nothing and an expert. I've wasted countless hours on forums when the best solution is to study on the language rather than find some help for a particular occurrence. Who is to say that the person can easily explain your situation and actually give you the solution, to boot? Do you learn or get an answer? What else do you learn?

It's just so easy to pick a language up. People think that they have no talent with computers in areas that don't take a large amount of talent to begin with (although, experts have devised such clever uses of programming that it's a talent to them).

You set a ridiculously tiny timeframe and you focus on your goal. That's how you get things done fastest. One step at a time. It's difficult to balance one lesson with another. The more that I observe schools, the more ridiculous they look to me. I might just drop out.
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