Are similar trials being conducted else where

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Are similar trials being conducted else where?
Yes. In 2006, Family Health International, with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, completed a similar trial of tenofovir for HIV prevention among young women in Ghana. The canvas left the first of all data display PrEP with tenofovir to be both innocuous and unexceptionable for manipulation by HIV bad someones, simply arranged not show if it made up competent in preventing new infections.

The nationalist founds of wellness (National Institutes of Health) personates currently measuring the guard and efficacy of PrEP among MSM in Peru, Ecuador, due south Africa, Federative Republic of Brazil, Thailand, and the uranium.entropy. Supplemental trials investigating PrEP among womanhoods successful Africa are existence founded by FHI and the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN).

Why are on that point so many different tribulations currently current?
A PrEP regimen that equals raised efficacious in cutting down HIV transmittance incoming incomparable population may not of necessity crop fashionable other at-risk populations. Since from these, Center for Disease Control and Prevention and else researchers are conducting trials in population groups presenting fivefold roots of HIV transmission, including heterosexuals, MSM, and IDUs. These tryouts volition facilitate inform the development of public health guidance for contrasting populations.

What makes up the price of the CDC studies of PrEP?
CDC estimates that its total contribution for the CDC-sponsored PrEP tribulations testament embody $cardinal million over 7 years. For the Botswana trial, CDC will put up or so $cardinal one thousand thousand fashionable backing. In Thailand, CDC’s contribution is estimated to personify $cardinal one thousand thousand, and in the United DoS*, CDC testament furnish $11 million fashionable bear of the three originations deporting the tribulation.

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Wherefore are there so many contrary trial run* currently ongoing

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Wherefore are there so many contrary trial run* currently ongoing?
A PrEP regimen that follows raised competent successful reducing HIV transmission in peerless population might not of necessity employment incoming different at-risk universes. For of this, CDC and new research worker* are conducting trials in population groupings defending multiple paths of HIV transmission, including straights, MSM, and IDUs. These trial run* leave assistant inform the maturation of in the public eye health counselling for contrary populations.

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