Wow.... 5 years later.
Date: Jul 28th, 2011 2:22:54 am - Subscribe
Mood: remenicent
Song: All I Need Is You - ATB feat. Sean Ryan

I cannot believe that its been five years since I was last on here. Im going to try to keep up on blogging her again since I do actually miss it. Life has changed a lot since I was last on here and may have some updating to do. For the time being this is a proclomation that I have returned to pain the eyes of those that read my blogs. Cya all again in a few days!
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A flash from the past...
Date: Jul 31st, 2006 11:17:57 pm - Subscribe
Mood: strong

Fiona pointed out that I had never explained the whole being kicked out thing so here it goes...

Abotu 5 months ago I was kicked out of a program that basically was my life... Summerstock... A musical theatre drama production that is absolutly amazing (I went and saw the opening night tonight and it was great. They did Westside this year) Anyways, I used to be in the cast and had a minor role. I got kicked out becuase I had a couple disagrements with the director and then missed a major rehersal due to me needing to go home and do homework. The director knew this and was fine with it. Later that night I was taking a break from the homework load. I was playing some World of Warcraft and a buddy of mine saw me online and was confused because he thought I was supposed to be at the rehseral... So jokingly he told the driector (who also plays the game and we joke around with him about it)... and he thought I went home to play and kicked me out (plus all the disagreements and stuff)

So there is the story... thats how I got kicked out of the program that meant so much to me... But I've moved past that now...

Hope that helps out..

Moral of the story is... Be strong, and never back down on your morals no matter what people say. They wanted me back later but I stayed true to myself and didnt go back. It was hard but I know it was the right thing to do...


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Hello all
Date: Jul 30th, 2006 11:21:37 pm - Subscribe
Mood: Happy
Song: Evanescence - Call Me You're Sober

Quick post I promise. Just checking up.

The deck is coming along SUPER SUPERLY well!!! Its sweet really, the colour of the stain is brilliant, and most importantly, it is almost done.

I think my girlfriend and my parents are finally getting comfortable with our relationship and realize we are going to be together for a long time to come. It's nice because they are giving us more freedom because of it...

Anyways, things are starting to shape up...

Tomorrow night I go down to see the show I was kicked out of about 4 months ago...Wish me luck. Not sure how I'm going to react seeing them put up this amazing show without me being up there with them sad.gif...

No real morals today except that a new deck is a nice deck is a good deck...


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Making things right
Date: Jul 26th, 2006 4:54:14 am - Subscribe
Mood: balanced
Song: Seether ft. Amy Lee - Broken

So after having written a really long rant about how terrible things are rigth now and how much of a tool I am, I'm going to write how I resolved all of that.

First off with my girlfriend. I phoned her up at 2 in the morning on her cell because I needed to talk to her. She was happy to hear my voice and we sorted things out and everything is cool on that side of things. This weekend we plan on going to venture through ikea (love looking at their design and planning a future house and stuf) and then afterwards going out for dinner. Should be great...

Now, in regards to the deck, I have tried my best to stay out of the way on the whole decission making process but how can I not be apart of it when im stuck at home with my mother 24/7. She eats, breaths and sleeps deck at the moment. I woke up this morning and as soon as I stepped out of my abode (the basement) she was on me already with, how would this look? before my eyes have even adjusted to the light of the room. Now, I deal with this every day. This is why the decking is becoming such a pain to do BUT, I am learning to bite my lip and just go with the flow.

In regards to the job, I doubt I am goign to get the one I want so I might just have to apply elsewhere.

The only shocking thing is that my ex-director asked me to come back into a show he kicked me out of. The show goes up in five days :|..... I had to say no due to the fact that i have moved on past the show and am looking to the future now. Photography, music, life!

Oh yah, I can play guitar again grin.gif... This is exciting but I still am stumped and cannot write anything sad.gif... but at least its coming back slowly but surely...

Anywyas.. this is all I have to say at the moment and I hope you all enjoy reading my blog.


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Why am I such a tool??? :(
Date: Jul 25th, 2006 2:07:49 am - Subscribe
Mood: Down
Song: Starfield - Shipwreck

So... I really feel like a tool right now...

I can't believe how big a failure I am rigth now. I've commited myself to building a deck for my deck but lack the will to just do it and get it done. I keep brining up all these things that are creating issues for both my mother and father and decisions they are needing to make in regards to how the deck will look. Seeing as I am moving out in about a year it's supposed to be a favor to them but I keep saying, wouldn't it look better stained? If we plan on staining it we need to lift up the old deck and put down new wood. In this case the deck looks complete. But we could simply extend it and repaint the old colour. But it looks all disgusting in my mind but the point is that I keep brining up all these problems instead of just doing it.

Thats not even the worst of it... I'm failing making my girlfriend happy... and to me, thats the biggest failure I could be... Tonight I almost completely ignored her because I was playing a game... A GAME!!! I would say something then disappear for like 10 min or so then come back, and she would be gone sad.gif... How can I be so inconsiderate to her?

Finally, to add on to everything I'm slowly realizing I'm slipping in my life in general. I don't have a job, photography isn't taking me anywhere, and I'm going to university in a year and have NO clue what I plan on doing with my life.... Sure, I still have time to plan and all that jazz, but time is just wizzing by and I'm running out of it. I would love to go into something with Computer Graphics, Design, or even programming... but then I also love helping people in which case Pschyology is the route I want to take, but then there is also my will to act, sing, and play music sad.gif... I dont want to choose something and lose out on a life that could have been amazing... And what if I choose to go away from town for University sad.gif... I dont even dear think of it because I couldn't bare to be away from my girlfriend for that long. I know I shouldn't make a lifelong decision based upon one girl... but, I love her sad.gif...

I hate having this much time to think. I do nothing all day. NOTHING. I mean its 1a.m and I am still sitting here in my pajamas :|...
All my friends are out of town and my girlfriend has a job... then there is little old me who has NOTHING!!!! NOTHING but this bloody deck to build. I am stuck at home with my mother 24/7 now and I really cannot handle it for much more. Yes, I love my mom, but there is only so much of her I can take!! I guess the point is, I need a social life but it I cannot grasp it... The only social life I have is on a mic program with my guild mates from the same game that I couldn't pull myself away from to catch up with my girlfriend....

Anyways, this entry is getting long and so I'm gonna end it here... Next time I will write something more happy... Oh yah, Moral of the story: Do something with your life because sitting around doing jack all can make a person go crazy. Enjoy life well your options are still open because they close fast.

Later guys,


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