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Sep 20th, 2006 11:53:36 am - Subscribe

This gal I know broke up with her boyfriend when she was a teen, in part because she discovered she had a terrible illness. Well, she beat the odds, and survived. And now, it's ten years later. He's been her close friend all this time, she has a clean bill of health, and he finally realized that he's still in love with her. That he's been in love with her. That there can't be any woman for him other than her. He flipped out- he was stopping strangers and telling them his story. They were telling him, "You are in love." So he realized he had to tell her.

Well, according to their friends, myself included, they have been in love for years, but were in denial. Six months ago, so many people told him that he was in love with her, that he tromped over to her apartment to set the record straight and declared a relationship of friendship only. He left, she dissolved in tears, and for the first time she came face to face with her own heart- she did love him.

They continued hanging out on the pretense of friendship.

Now, half a year later, the earth shook, the cobwebs fell off his eyes, and he saw that he has loved her all this time. He lost his bearings, his ability to eat and sleep, and all sense of direction. He didn't know what to do.

I have never seen so lovesick a boy as this. He is on cloud nine, he is in the death valley desert, he is in the heights, he is in the depths, he doesn't know which way is up and which way is down anymore. I saw a PBS special that said infatuation stimulated the pleasure centers of the brain and shut down critical thinking. He's a prime example right now. He was trying to explain where he's at, and I can't even relate. He said, "puppies and bunnies…" I laughed at him and interjected, "and puffy white clouds." And he laughed and said, "Yes! The puffy white clouds! I love those!" Obviously he is endorphined out to the max and should not operate heavy machinery for a while.

And the gal. The gal loves him still. She LUVs him. Loves him, loves him, loves him. It's love soup.
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What's up?: He said to her, "Don't break up with me [now] - I haven't even proposed yet."
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avatar end-of

September 20th, 2006

I love Love Soup. It's my favourite kind.

Hope they can be together now, because I know about the puppies and bunnies and puffy white clouds, and it's definitely not something to miss out on.

avatar thesane

September 20th, 2006

Hey I just Read your blog and I Have to say that is one of the most amazing true love stories I have enjoyed reading in my entire Life and Have to say that I am glad to see that they finally in the end made discovered that they were ment for each other

avatar emogirlie

September 21st, 2006

well actually... tima nd i don't go to the same school.. and i highly doubt he tell anyone... because i'd know... from his friends... who i also know. and btw, i'm in control of the realtionship. he's more like my plaything... he definitely likes me more than i like him. thats for sure. yeah. and now i have a sore throat from purging. im not going to do it anymore (hopefully). thanks for ur comment. but u are assuming the wrong things.

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