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Sep 28th, 2006 12:46:56 pm - Subscribe

Patricia heard me say that I liked Neal. Next thing I know, she was going out with him. That's weird, that she would like the same things about Neal that I would. Especially since she's talked so much about how off the wall I am.

But it's good. I would never make a relationship like that one work for me, and she has real feelings for him. Can't help thinking it was just a little bit pissy.

But maybe those two will settle down. And that would be beautiful.

There's no reason to get tangled in a piece of jealousy.
mood: fine
What's up?: I reject that scene anyways - sour grapes? :-)
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avatar lovexhate

September 28th, 2006

Hehe, thanks for the comment.
I like your blog. happy.gif

And no, the "grr" mood has gotten worse. :/
Meh, it kinda sucks.

x Jess x

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