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Watch the clock tick by as the pendulum swings

Sep 24th, 2006 11:50:50 pm - Subscribe

This part of my life seems to be in slow motion. It feels like being a teenager again. Everything feels up in the air and out of my control. Isn't that how I felt when I was that age? That everything was beyond my control?

I didn't expect to revisit this place. After I got out of high school, my life got better and better for a time. Things seemed freer, more relaxed, and definitely more generous. I had some sudden downswings (think air turbulence in a passenger plane), but then things would return to some state of stability.

While my mom's gone the house feels more like a house and less like a home. In addition, I'm between jobs, so I have plenty of free time on my hands. The people that I delegated to when I was too busy to do things, continue to do the work I delegated to them, so my work is taken care of.

Therefore- my role is unknown. I've actually been knitting.

You heard me.
mood: empty like potential
What's up?: The thing about knitting is, when you make a loop- there's the loop. So predictable.
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avatar end-of

September 25th, 2006

My loops disappear all the time. I can never understand what's happened to them.

Sometimes I end up with more than I started with, though. That's even weirder.

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