I need you
Date: Nov 13th, 2009 5:14:06 pm - Subscribe
Mood: broken

It feels like I barely know you anymore. You've changed a lot and it hurts me. I can understand if people can change, but at least talk to me. We barely talk anymore... like the old times, chatting about everything, laughing at your jokes. Then you would ask me out dinner, and we would have fun there, laughing and chatting, like never get tired of those.
I miss those..... I really miss those times...
And it hurts me seeing you like this.. morose and gloomy. You used to be a cheerful and brave guy... You never afraid of anything, looking directly to the front, facing your future. Where is this guy I know?
I know we have said those two words.. but is the feeling gone too? cause mine is still here, forever in my heart.
I am like walking in the fog... I can't see what I am facing, I can't see the path in front of me, I can't see you... I am still holding on up till now, but I will break soon.. this is just too hard. The memories are too sweet that it keeps coming back.
First time went karaoke with you.. first time you held my hand... first time you brushed my hair... first time you gently placed your arm around me... first time you placed my head on your shoulder... first time you hugged me tight... first time we cuddled... first love...
I don't care the future.. I don't care what will happen.. what I care is that I love you.. and this is just so damn hard.. I want to hug you, hold you close, kiss you, embrace you.. I want you....... and this is too hard... even crying is not making my heart lighter anymore.......
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