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4Story Guide to The Cash Shop Items Test

Jun 18th, 2010 11:33:43 pm - Subscribe

4Story Guide to The Cash Shop Items Test
Carefully test story '4 'multi-cash items, and find out why our game users spend money. The following are items selling 4Story projects. Most of them are related to the upgrade project.

Prompted to upgrade your weapons:
a. Access Wizard arms merchants and buy weapons.
b. access to upgrade the supply of soldiers to buy magic scrolls, Mr. Bob
c. access to upgrade engineer soldiers "Lugi" Upgrade
d. usually weapons can upgrade to level 3 security. After that you do break your arms. To prevent this you can use the "upgrade from the cash shop" protection. You can also raise the chances of success using wealth solution
e. From the Lu 1-10 weapons, upgrade the higher the probability, or even try to number. arms from the LV 11 - a high probability is high, in the odd number of trial

I20% for the fast import and export balance, rolling upgrade your project, can be 13. Your items(4Story Gold) can be enchanted to the maximum 24. Failure to prevent the fragmentation of the project to upgrade. (Your project may be lower than -1-2 not upgrade). An increase of 200% upgrade success rate of more than three can be used to enhance your project selection. Projects have different durability, from a different class. Enhance the class and durability it is possible to project the project uses. You can even transfer to another good choice for your desire to project. If you do not want to run around, all the time. You need to buy mount faster transportation. Especially in the war, you do not want to ride, because running without you would be the first death. Try three different mounts 4story.

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