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SO :D (updated)
Mar 3rd, 2005 5:08:41 pm - Subscribe
Ok, this is my blog for this day....my tooth is better...finally? After 3 weeks...well I got less pain...not no pain, lets wait for the weekend.

I tried to be creative today, but it doesnt work...I even have no idea at all ;-) - I am stucked in my own projects and in my head, damn it.

It was so a boring day I resorted my records. I got about 150+ cds (original) all spread over the floor....I need to get a rack or something, I am missing some covers, some cds.

Blablabla, boring boring boring or to quote Joanne: No stories to tell today!

Well, I bought some new shirt today, with the band WIZO on front side and on the back side the title "homemade noodles and violence".

---update, check out a song of this band
here, the lyrics for this song goes like this:

Raum der Zeit

Ich bin schwul, ich bin juedisch und ein Kommunist dazu
ich bin schwarz und behindert, doch genauso Mensch wie du
Ich bin hochintelligent und doch so doof wie Sauerkraut
ich bin schoen, ich bin haesslich, ich bin fett und gut gebaut
Es gibt nichts-nichts was dich besser macht als mich
denn auch du hast deine Fehler, deine Fehler so wie ich
und die Fehler sind nix falsches, sie gehoern zu dir und mir
und wenn du's nicht auf die Reihe kriegst kann niemand was dafuer

Du bist einer von Milliarden und das musst du akzeptiern,
Du bist einer von Milliarden Aerschen auf der Welt

Deine Werte, deine Normen, die Moral und das Gesetz
sind entbehrlich und ersetzbar - ueberfluessiges Geschwaetz
heute gueltig, morgen nichtig, uebermorgen umgekehrt
was hier richtig oder wichtig, ist woanders ohne Wert
Deine Goetter, deine Kirchen , Glauben, Beten,Religion
heute heil ich, morgen Frevel ich , uebermorgen blanker Hohn
und das Geld und der Ruhm und die Unvergaenglichkeit
sind bei naeherem Betrachten fuern Arsch

Du bist nicht der Mittelpunkt des Universums
Du bist nur ein Arsch im Raum der Zeit


I'm a gay, I'm a jew and I'm a Communist too
I'm black and handicapped but just as human as you
I'm highly intelligent but stupid as Sauerkraut
I'm beautiful, I'm ugly, I'm fat and I'm well built
there's nothing - nothing about you that makes you better than me
because you've got your weakness, too weakness just like me
and these aren't wrong they belong to you and me
and if you can't deal with that it's no one else's fault

You're just one in a billion and that's what you've gotta accept
You're just one of a billion asses in the world

Your values, your norms, morality and laws
are disposable and replaceable - just empty babble
today valid, tomorrow vain, the day after tomorrow reversed
what's right and important here is somewhere else cursed
All of your gods, your churches, beliefs, prayers and religion
are today holy, tomorrow sacrilege, day after tomorrow scorned
and power and fame and immortality at closer inspection - ain't worth a shit

You're not the center of the universe, You're just an ass in the space of time


Ok, i cant rescue this blog...but a boring day doesnt mean automatically a bad day, keep this in your mind!
mood: cosmic
Nice shirt, though I've never heard of "WIZO."
March 03rd, 2005
feel free to check it out at their us distributor

Hey, have updated my blog, so this days blog really got a sense, thanks for your input wink.gif
March 03rd, 2005
Thats cute zukunft! I don't know if that is sarcasm..but thats ok if it is atleast it means you read my blog if nothing to read about...you silly thing! CHEERS! =P
March 03rd, 2005
Thanks for the heads up on the mysql error zukunft!
March 05th, 2005
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