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Silkroad: General mastery of Rogue

Jul 15th, 2009 10:19:16 pm - Subscribe

Well hello there! Welcome to our website. Now here is a general mastery of Rogue guide for all the Silkroad players. Just have fun!

R1C1: Stealth Extension
Skill form : Passive
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : All weapon or empty hand
It increases Stealth continous time.
L1- Continuity hour 12 second continuity
L4- Continuity hour 48 second continuity

R2C1: Scorn
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Continuous hour 3 second
L2- Continuous hour 4.5 second

Note: It has a lock action on a target only useable on a player, not a monster. It prevents the opponet from targetting anyone else, but you for 4 seconds or so. It’s like a tank skill, focusing dmg on yourself, but its more of a clown skill to confuse the enemy and prevent them from attacking anyone.

R2C2: Stealth
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
Make you invisible, but speed of travel diminish.
L1- Continuous hour 60 second, stealth 3 grade
L4- Continuous hour 60 second, stealth 6 grade

R2C3: De-stealth
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Continuous hour 60 second, circumference scope radius 10.0m, stealth discovery 3 grade
L4- Continuous hour 60 second, circumference scope radius 10.0m, stealth discovery 6 grade

Note: This skill can be used to detect stealth character and also invisible fire trap.

R2C4: Tag Point
Skill form : Active e
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
Mark and track an enemy. The location of a tracked enemy can be seen in the map within the specified time and distance.
L1- Continuous hour 900 second, connection distance 1000m, connection modification 1
L3-Continuous hour 900 second, connection distance 1600m, connection modification 1

R2C5: Mass Scorn
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Continuous hour 4 second, front scope radius 10.0m (the object 3)

Note: Does the same thing as Scorn, but prevents up to 3 people in a 10.0m radius from attacking anyone else but you. Basically they cant click on anything else for 4 seconds. Useful for protecting people or I don’t know maybe stopping their attacks when there about to hit someone other than you. The skill looks like a golden lock above the targeted foes head.

Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Continuous hour 6.0 second, poison probability 20% (effect 48 )
L6- Continuous hour 6.0 second, poison probability 20% (effect 128 )

Note: This is kinda like a poison imbue, but with no damage boost.

Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Continuous hour 1800 second, circumference scope radius 25.0m (target 8 ), poison status error decrease (effect 38 ), poison status probability 50% decrease (3 grade)

L4- Continuous hour 1800 second, circumference scope radius 25.0m (target 8 ), poison status error decrease (effect 68 ), poison status probability 50% decrease (6 grade)

Note: Poison resist buff to party members. Dont forger to buy the cheapest Silkroad gold and Silkroad powerleveling. ^^

R3C3: Poison Field
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Long distance-physical
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1-Circumference scope radius 6.0m (target 5), poison probability 80% (effect 92)
L3- Circumference scope radius 6.0m (target 5), poison probability 80% (effect 132)

Note: Mass poison with no damage.

R3C4: Poison Trap
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
Set up a poison trap on the ground and affect whoever in the area specified.
L1- Continuous hour 30 second, circumference scope radius 10.0m (target 5), poison probability 80% (effect 108 )
L2- Continuous hour 30 second, circumference scope radius 10.0m (target 5), poison probability 80% (effect 128 )

Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
L1- Essence production (it drove possibly, su to sprout, level 20) of the dead person
L5- Essence production (it drove possibly, su to sprout, level 60) of the dead person

Note: Make "mask" from monsters...If u killed monster fast press the this skill... at the Inventory u will get a "MASK" ... u can click it right mouse button then u will look the same like a monster (and fight like him) for 13 minutes (or maybe 14 minutes)

R4C2 : Duplicate
Skill form : Active
Skill attribute : Buff
Use Weapon : Dagger, Cross Bow
Catch a monster and summon it as a pet. Can only catch a monster up to your own level.
L1- Continuous hour 900 second, maximum transformation possible level 60
L2- Continuous hour 900 second, maximum transformation possible level 80

Note: We also supply you : Silkroad items.

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Silkroad: Trade Runs For Thieves

Jul 15th, 2009 10:18:56 pm - Subscribe

Transport vehicles

Each caravan is required to have a transport vehicle of some sort in Silkroad. Each transport has different stats. Some have much more HP than others, which is helpful when you’re being attacked since they will take more effort to kill.

Some carry more items than others, which would maximize your profits but they usually walk slower. The price of each transport varies depending on these stats.

Note: I highly highly recommend buying the cheapest Silkroad items from our website, you will obtain the best service. Just contact our customers service. ^^

You should also buy some transport potions. These potions heal your transport during/after an attack. These potions are available in small or large packs. You can purchase these from the stable keeper.

Small, 190 Silkroad gold, recovers 360 HP. Large, 400 gold, recovers 660 HP. Be careful though, you do not want to spend so much money on potions that you do not gain any profit from the caravan. Your goal is always to maximize your profits.

Also, thieves are required to have a transport when they take robbed goods to thief town.


The downside to caravanning is that you are not hardcore leveling(Silkroad powerleveling). Your goal is to get to the designated town without getting killed so stopping to kill the monsters in the area to gain a few skill/stat points is not very beneficial. But your wallet will be smiling at you so whichever seems better to you.

Caravanning could be really fun sometimes and it can be very frustrating other times. I strongly recommend that you play with your friends, guildmates or people that you TRUST. I have read many caravan horror stories about people who were tricked and scammed during their transport.

People can be very deceiving you might hire a hunter but they will turn around, put on a black suit and rob your caravan. And other times people will tell you that they are low leveled just to turn around and rob you later. I don’t want to scare anyone, just BE CAREFUL *I can’t stress this enough*.

Caravanning is so heavily involved with being careful. One mistake and you could lose your entire caravan full of expensive loot.


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Silkroad: Guide for Alchemy

Jul 15th, 2009 10:18:40 pm - Subscribe

Alchemy is considered to be a “rich men's game”in Silkroad. Although this is not entirely true, to be a successful alchemist, wealth is definitely a factor.

In order to open up the Alchemy window, you may either press the “Y” Key, or press the “A” Key and right click on the button that says Alchemy. For our purposes, I believe that it is most convenient to only use the “Y” Key method.

Once you have the Alchemy window open you will notice several things. On the far left, there is a single slot. To its right are eight separate slots. Above, you will find two tabs, one reading “Material Processing,” and the other saying “Att. Enhancement.” At the bottom you will find two buttons “Fuse All” and “Fuse.” I have found that it is better to only use the Fuse All function, simply for convince sake. These slots, tabs, and buttons are used solely for carrying out the functions of Alchemy.

Elements come in four different types Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire and 8 different levels(Silkroad powerleveling, Silkroad items). 1-8 Elements are used in the production of Magic Stones using different Alchemy Tablets. However, before we get into that lets take a closer look at Elements and How to obtain them.

As you defeat different foes, you will notice that they drop different things, such as Silkroad gold piles and various assortments of Boxes and Bags. In particular, we will focus on the large bag drop, which are called “Alchemy Materials.” These Alchemy Materials can be disassembled in order to receive Elements. A closer look at each Alchemy Material will tell you what kind of elements you will receive by dissembling it, and their respective levels and quantities.

Once you have both the Void Rondos and Alchemy Materials, you can press the “Y” Key. Under the Material Processing tab, first place the Void Rondos in the slot to the far right. Now, you may fill the remaining eight Slots with your Alchemy Materials. Once you are finished you may press Fuse All. As the procedure goes on, your Void Rondos and Alchemy Materials will disappear and be replaced with elements.

Also worth mentioning is the use of the Destroyer Rondos. Although I severely discourage the use of Destroyer Rondos, they do deserve a place in my guide. Like the Void Rondo, Destroyer Rondos may be purchased at the Grocery Seller. They cost a hefty amount of 400 Gold each, and can also be obtained in bundles of 5,000. In order yo use a Destroyer Rondo, first place it in the left slot under the Material Processing tab. Then, in the opened slot, you may place any sort of wearable equipment. Once you press Fuse All, the Equipment will be destroyed, and you will get some elements in return.

Now that you have a significant amount of Elements it is time to present you with your first big decision. You may either choose to sell these newly obtained Elements or use them to produce a Magic Stone. Based on an Elements type and level, it can be worth anywhere between 100 and 2000 Gold However, this guide is meant to teach you ALL the components of Alchemy, so we will continue to work.

Magic Stones are used to upgrade or change your equipments stats. You can do many different things to customize your items using Magic Stones, provided a seemingly endless array of opportunities. In order to produce a Magic Stone, you must first obtain a tablet. While killing monsters, you may sometimes receive a drop looking somewhat like an orange sphere. These orange spheres are actually called “Alchemy Tablets” which can be combined with elements to produce a Magic Stone. There are more then 30 different Types of tablets, each with a specific purpose. Alchemy Tablets are sorted into three different types Ruby, Jade, and Sapphire.

Ruby Tablets are used to change an items’ stat percentage. You can view an items’ stats by holding your mouse over the item. Anything written in white font can be changed using a Ruby Tablet.

Jade Tablets are used to add attributes to an item. Added attributes can be found at the bottom of the Items’ Description. These added attributes are often referred to as “Blues” by many players, and often times make the difference between a good and a bad item.

Sapphire Tablets when combined with elements produce “Alchemy Potions.” These Alchemy Potions can increase your characters moving speed for a limited amount of time.

Before you create a Magic Stone, take a close look at your tablet. The Tablets level corresponds with the degree of the item of which you which to enhance. Ex Level 3 Tablets can only upgrade Level 3 Items.

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Ivy quest guide of Silkroad

Jul 15th, 2009 10:18:23 pm - Subscribe

The reward of Ivy quest might seem pretty awesome in Silkroad Online. So here is a guide that will explain the steps needed to successfully complete the quest.

Shahad’s Mail:
The Ivy Quest begins in Sarmakand with the Hunter Guild. Speak with Shahad and he will give you a letter to deliver to Constantinople, you must ride a horse or walk to Constantinople and deliver the letter to General Ratchel, who stands south of the Stable, at the Military Camp.
21,000 Exp(Silkroad powerleveling)
2,700 Skill Exp
6,000 gold

Ivy 1
Recommended level: 25
Speak with General Ratchel again to accept the next quest, she will tell you how to capture a Closier Informant. But before you go running off to find these, you must go do Adventurer Demetri to get the traps. He stands to the right of storage in Constantinople.

Demetri’s Quest:
You need 20 vine stalks. You get these from killing Evil Order Soldiers at Haran’s Tower. You need about 45 small knives that are dropped only by the soldiers. To turn these into vines you need to run to The Pond Ruins because it only works disjointing here. You can disjoint these like you did with the charms at the Taoist quest. If you do not get 20 vines, just go back and kill more soldiers for more small knives. After you collect 20 vine stalks, run back to Constantinople and speak with Demetri, he will give you your reward and 5 traps.
60,000 Exp
8,000 Skill Exp
15,000 Silkroad gold

Ivy 1
Recommended level: 30
Now with the traps you got from the Demetri’s quest, find the Closier informants that are in front of the Amphitheater. They will have the yellow/orange quest icon above their heads. Right click a trap so it’s laid on the ground (red kind of net thing) you need to lure an Informant into the trap, easiest way is to punch it (without weapon) then run over your trap so it follows you. When you have one Closier informant imprisoned, run to Constantinople within 30 minutes. Running, not riding on a horse or transport because: On the way Closier Guardians spawn. You must kill 15. They spawn approximately every 60 seconds. After the 15 are killed, run into the city and deliver the quest to General Ratchel.
24,000 Exp
2,800 Skill Exp
5 Repair Hammers

Ivy 2
Recommended level: 35
- Must be in an Exp / Item share party with at least 2 members (leader and a friend)
- Party leader must have Ivy 2 quest.
Talk with General Ratchel to get Ivy 2. You get 5 horns when you accept. Now, you use these horns at Harans Tower, Cleopatra’s Gate and Amphitheater. There you must activate a horn at certain places (usually at the entrances, you may fail some times). A Closier Leader will spawn if you activate the horn in the right area. Kill the monster, it will drop a sign for each party member in the proximity, however only the leader needs the item. When the leader has all the signs from monsters of the 3 places, then you kill Punishers at the Amphitheater until it drops Punisher’s Blood.

When you get the Punisher’s Blood, right click it and all 3 stones will become a key. With this key you must go to Evil Fortress into the center of the ‘Den’. When you stand here, all other party members must be away from you so their faces are 100% blue on the party bar (only if they are not fighting with you, otherwise you should stay near each other so that you both with teleport). You now right click the key and you will be teleported to a private area. Captain Ivy will spawn after a short time in your proximity. Within 20 minutes you must kill Ivy. After you kill her you get a hair. A blue teleport diamond thing will appear, you will be teleported, go to Constantinople and deliver the quest to General Ratchel and receive your reward.
40,000 Exp
4,000 Skill Exp
20 Memory of Red Hair (zerk scrolls)

Misc. Info:
-With successful quest you get 20 Scrolls, which will completely fill your berserk immediately when it’s empty and not in use.
-If your party member has already completed the Ivy 2 quest, he/she can teleport with you to fight Captain Ivy.
-If you die while fighting Ivy, you can still complete the quest if your party member kill Ivy.

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Silkroad:Trading tips for newbies

Jul 15th, 2009 10:18:03 pm - Subscribe

While that might be true (will see when I get there), it is totally possible to trade at 20 in SilkRoad.But here are some things you must have.

1) Full rage bar - at 20 you will be able to get yourself out of at least one bad predicament using rage. Do not dare use it on Tigers and Chukji or anything of that type. Your rage bar is really to fight Gun(something) and Earth Ghost.

2) HORSE (yes you might get lucky on the camel, but you might not) HP pots for animals

3) Do not get off your horse once you are on the other side unless you want to level on Chukjis (but you can do it aside from trading)

4) You should only be on the road to cross ocean and bridges.

5) You can hold up to 59 of the 209 Silkroad gold per item peaces without getting to 2 stars

6) While on the tougher side of the street, go toward people (you can see them on minimap). Edit: This is because chances are it is cleaner around them since they are probably hunting. If you are drugging more then 2 mos on your tail, keep going as straight as possible since that is the fastest way.

7) Use the Minimap to tunnel in SilkRoad- draw a visual tunnel of where there are no mops and follow that road

It is mentioned a little lower, and I fully support it and use it, just forgot to add it. When you see other traders, chances are, they are higher level then you, especially since you are level 20, they will more likely then not spawn higher level Thieves, stay the hell away from them as you have enough of your own problems.

Besides,you can also buy SRO powerleveling and SRO items from us,we promise the price is the lowest.
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